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Re: Starting Salary for Foreigner -- not THAT kind of thread

Good luck in your negotiations. Try to avoid sarcastic UK negotiation techniques with Swiss people. You’ll find yourself explaining the comment and looking like you are insulting them or rude. Swiss like facts laid out just like in your email above (even when the facts seem obvious) followed by a little time to think. If they really want you those numbers will increase significantly without too much effort.
Thanks for the Z well wishing!

It is worth mentioning that management is German -- the big bossman being an East German scientist (*he is now almost 60 so he grew up on the "other side of the wall") neither of which have ever lived or worked in Switzerland and are, as I briefly mentioned but should have elaborated on, also rather novice when it comes to die Schweiz... I hope this provides a significant portion of the explanation.

@ Shorrick, are those your REAL eyes?
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