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Re: Starting Salary for Foreigner -- not THAT kind of thread

Nothing against you personally, but: you're still very young and can't possibly have enough experience (unless you received your M.A. when you were 15) for an upper management position. I find it highly strange that they're offering you this job. Also, 4000 a month is an insult. You'd get more working at the Migros cash register. I think the whole job offer smells somewhat fishy to me

If you say so. Technically speaking, it is essentially project management, which should evolve into something larger once the holding gets going. The term "upper management" is not appropriate in my particular situation. I have no direct reports at present but would, according to management, eventually need some assistance. I think the fact that I am young, energetic and open is precisely the reason why they approached me.

Let's not get caught up in semantics or technicalities and engage in skeptical forum-fencing. Initially, I was reluctant to provide any information about myself or my salary for fear of wasting time doing just...well, what I'm doing right now!

I wrote with an open-mind and truly wanted to (only) say "stand up for yourself, do your homework and take accountability for your own involvement in your professional dealings" -- particularly when dealing with the subject of moving abroad, in this case Switzerland.

I digress: Yes, the salary is crap.
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