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Re: learning Swiss german

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although I have seen books on Baernduetsch and lots of tapes/cD's with children stories and such in the different dialects, mostly, in my experience, Baernduetsch, so maybe there's something out there, other than Pimsleur's Swiss-German. Auso, bis spaeter.

nope, to my big big big chagrin,these tapes are more often than not in Zürichdeutsch or a similar sounding east swiss accent

in fact it's quite tricky to find storytapes/childrens songs for kids in bärndütsch ( of course the most beautiful dialect and yes i am soooooooo biased )

No, joke aside,if it's tagged as SCHWYZERTÜTSCH on the package it'll sound very 'eastern' e.g.direction zürich oder similar

for grown ups i recommend the 'Bärner Troubadoure',of which the famous Mani Matter was a founder member too,their chansons are timeless and easy to understand for beginners.

Jakob Stickelberger did a song tape for kids many years ago, called 'Musikalisches Tierbuech' also very recommendable,but ehrm contains a little bit strong language e.g dummi chue [stupid cow] and such
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