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Re: Tax position for short term UK contract

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Dear Forum,

I am here on a B permit and I pay tax directly every month from my salary. Therefore I do not file a tax return here.
I guess this is because you haven't received a tax return. Depending on the circumstances it might be worth completing a tax return anyway - for example in my first full year in Switzerland I got 12K back.

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I am going back to the UK for six weeks to work and was wondering how I can have that income taxed here and not in the UK. Is this possible? Does anybody know how this works, for example, with tax codes etc as I won't have a p45 and will probably have to pay tax at the higher 'emergency rate'. It isn't going to be a bundle, but I just want to keep as much of what I will earn as possible...
Are you still registered for tax in the UK? If you deregistered when you left then you pay no tax - 6 weeks isn't enough to require registration.

As the Fab says, you should just add the amount you earn onto your next (1st) Swiss tax return.

If you did end up paying tax in the UK you can reclaim it. Check the IRS website for details.
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