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Re: Reprise for apartment improvement costs?

This is not your apartment. You dont own it and neither does the previous tenant. You are a renting it from the owner. Any improvements that occurred during the previous tenancy are really none of your business, as your deal is with the landlord to rent the apartment as-is.

What you describe sounds fishy to me , bizarre at best...

Would I be right in saying that the current tenant will be linking your reaction to whether he puts you forward to the landlord for consideration ?

Ive known this happen with furniture the old tenant doesnt want to shift....


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Hi there - I would've put this in the apartment/housing forum but for some reason I can't access it.

Anyway, is it normal for a current tenant to charge a new tenant a "reprise" for costs that he/she incurred doing improvements to the apartment when they lived there (such as painting, new flooring, lighting, etc)? And what would be a reasonable amount for this if it is a normal thing? I can't come across anyone who has ever heard of this or has ever paid this. This is for an apartment in Geneva.
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