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Re: Reprise for apartment improvement costs?

A lot of old apartments don't come with some of the standard features. Like lights or mirrors in the bathroom etc. that sort of thing. It is not uncommon for prior tenants to ask if you would like to purchase those things from them to remain in the apartment as you would need to buy them anyways. Of course, often if you say no they will just leave them there because if they needed them they would take them.

But as far as charging you for them painting the apartment, that sounds a little hinkey to me. The apartment needs to be in the exact same condition when they move out as when they moved in. If they chose to paint it, or needed to paint it to repair damages that is nothing that an incoming tenant should be responsible for.

That reminds me though, I've seen some adds where people advertise an apartment for rent (not necessarily the landlord, but tenants looking for replacements so they can get out of their lease) who then state they don't want anybody who won't take their furniture for a certain price. (an example, a couple was looking for a replacement but basically wouldn't refer them onto the landlord unless you agreed to pay them CHF 1200 for their old Ikea furniture). Is this not a bit f--d?
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