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Re: Swisscom vs Orange vs Sunrise signal strength... opinions please.

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- Swisscom = (way) too expensive + coverage where I live has recently started to suck (no, it's not my phone - my wife is seeing the same thing)
Alot of operators, like AT&T in the US have started introducing "home femtocells", I think it's only a matter of time until the Swiss operators do the same. SO if you coverage at home is poor, but everything else is OK, then maybe hold out a little. As for Swisscoms prices, well, yea, Sunrise keeps driving the prices down, and if Swisscom doesn't keep in step, they'll lose customers.

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I have swisscom on my phone and my daughter has orange. She always seems to have very good signal strength in the Lausanne/Riviera area. When we travel so far sometimes one is better than the other but on balance they are even. Orange seems to continue to improve with additional stations, satellites etc... I'd go with the one that doesn't lock you in for 24 months (this type of contract seems to be a hold over from the days when Swisscom had more of a monopoly.)
Orange is a French company (owned by France Telecom), and they tend to focus heavily on the French part of Switzerland, so good coverage in lausanne doesn't suprise me (just make sure your phone says "Orange CH" tho and not "Orange F", otherwise your on the French network!!).

Actually, I've been to Lausanne many times with my Swisscom abo, and no problems at all. With Sunrise tho, I was making a call at Lausanne main train station and realized I was roaming on a French network (!!) so I guess their coverage isn't too great least in my experience.
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