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Re: Security Creation Initiative

What is wrong with kicking out foreigners who are convicted of crimes?

Well, for argument's sake, consider this.

Most foreigners are, a priori, in general at a disadvantage when obtaining legal advice is concerned.

Why it is a bad idea to kick foreigners out is because there exists the possibility that you kick out foreigners out wrongly, for instance (just off the top of my head).

1. Innocent/wrongly convicted foreigners.
2. Foreigners convicted of serious crimes when only a minor crime was commited.
3. Foreigners having less recourse than "natives" to legal counsel, due to language difficulty, etc.

This is only the first level/obvious drawback.

On a secondary level/longer term effects/caveats are:

1. Increased backlash on foreigners in general. If the crime rate goes up, regardless of cause, foreigners being blamed as scapegoats.
2. "Racial"/ethnic/nationality profiling for crime prosecution.
3. "Framing"/blaming crimes on foreigners when crimes actually committed by nationals. Easier to do when the foreigner being framed is not well aware of his rights.

And finally, even for the average, law/abiding foreigner, this causes bad consequences and alterations in behavior:

For those who like to "recreationally smoke funny things", now you have to be careful that this is not misconstrued as "trafficking", an expulsion type offence.

For those who are even more law abiding, now you have to be doubly careful when you speed on the highway: run over a kid chasing a soccer ball and now you could potentially be called a "murderer".

This doesn't even consider the secondary effects of the kicked out foreigner's families: if you are kicked out to your native country, where, say, there's a war going on, and your family could get murdered.

Or, a husband commits a crime, gets kicked out, the wife stays in Switzerland, now needs to get a job or be supported by the state....what about the kids, too?

Why are foreigners getting targetted here? What about the swiss who commit crimes? Shouldn't they be expelled to, say, Greenland or Siberia or Patagoinia or something, then?

These are questions that should be considered carefully, and there are no easy answers.

Targetting a group, expelling such a group, scapegoating, blaming, is never a good thing, history within the last 60 years already has taught us that, many, many times, do people never learn?

I am worried about such kinds of thoughts actually being entertained by some people on this forum....
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