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Re: Cheaper alternative to Jungfrau?

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Thanks for the ideas!

I do completely agree with you guys - it will probably be worth it! BUT, our guest is on a budget, and we can always go back another time and then do it right

The Schilthorn idea sounds really good. I've also been thinking of going to the Eigergletscher Station, and then do a bit of hiking from there. But we'll see.

Thank you for the suggestions. If there are anyone with who have been at both Schilthorn and the Eigergletscher Station, I would be very interested in a comparison
As far as I know, i.e. what I have done, is hike "up to" Eigergletscher station, not "from" i.e. to go till there is a fine bergweg (mountainous hike) but beyond that it should be an alpine route that is a serious undertaking. Yes, I would recommend the Klein Scheidegg- Eigergletscher hike, maybe 2 hours each way and not a beginner route.

View from Schilthorn? Well, it is nice like any high elevation view, but nothing unique, not as thrilling as going so close to a famous serious mountain, within shouting distance, as you do in Eigergletscher. Basically a matter of individual preference. Schilthorn also costs decent money, somewhat less than Jungraujoch.

As for Jungfraujoch, for me it was a total disappointment, I felt it was too crowded and smelly place but i know this is a very minority view
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