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Re: Interdiscount Cablecom Hustlers - deal or no deal?

Before you make the switch, search this forum for people experiencing problems with Cablecom, and people experiencing problems with Swisscom.

You'll see like 100 threads where people bitch about Cablecom, and none for Swisscom. The problem with Cablecom is that when it works, it works really well, but only when it works. Cablecom has no problems selling a 25Mbps subscription to someone in a congested region that will only get 1-2Mbps during peak hours (as was the case with me).

In my opinion, the Internet should be something that's "just there", and you shouldn't have to worry about it working or not. When I was with Cablecom, I had constant outages, high packet loss rate, and I couldn't even use simple things like YouTube and Skype during peak hours. Ever since switching to Swisscom, I've never once had to worry about an Internet problem or outage. It just works.

I'm sure many people can come on here and say "but cablecom works fine for me", and I'm sure it does, but it doesn't mean that it works fine for everyone.

I'll throw in a spedtest too, seems to be the popular thing to do :-)
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