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Re: SwissCaution - the apartment deposit lenders thread

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Rental deposits are merely a way for estate agents and regies to cover the expenses upgrading or renovating standards of rentals under their management. In fact they charge the maintenance twice, once to the lessor and once to the lessee. Everybody knows....

I have not encountered one Swiss or foreign citizen that has NOT had problem in getting the deposit refunded in full.
I have never had a problem. Only once, there were some minor repairs I had to partly pay for (you never have to bear the full amount due to wear and tear), mainly painting, but that is what private liability insurance is for. In this case, the payment was so low that I did not even bother to call my insurance due to the deductible of CHF 200.00.

The rental deposit is a last resort for the landlord if a tenant refuses to pay, however, a rental deposit can only be used with the agreement of both parties (landlord and tenant) or with some legal proceedings. A landlord cannot just use the rental deposit whenever and for whatever he likes.

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