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Re: Yet again the Met get away with murder.

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nor should in my opinion. He clearly provokes being pushed out of the way and the cop doesn not push that hard with intend to kill.

Sad he died but in my opinion nothing should have been brought against the cop
What a stupid statement. Police are there to help and support the general public, not push them or intimidate them in any way. And what rubbish you are talking, the Brutish policeman pushes the guy to the ground, in the back! 2 out of 3 autopsies confirmed that a violent event brought a long term illness to a terminal conclusion, but as was dealt with in the 'Peach' case, the health of the individual does not grant the offender carte blanche to commit murder. He was not part of the riot and Britain is not a police state, you pay your taxes, you have the right to walk down the street when ever you like, so the 'provoking' affirmation is baseless.
And it was an attack because the policeman was not in any danger nor protecting himself, it was a proactive action of violence by the police, one of many that day.
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