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Re: Yet again the Met get away with murder.

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What a stupid statement. Police are there to help and support the general public, not push them or intimidate them in any way. And what rubbish you are talking, the Brutish policeman pushes the guy to the ground, in the back! 2 out of 3 autopsies confirmed that a violent event brought a long term illness to a terminal conclusion, but as was dealt with in the 'Peach' case, the health of the individual does not grant the offender carte blanche to commit murder. He was not part of the riot and Britain is not a police state, you pay your taxes, you have the right to walk down the street when ever you like, so the 'provoking' affirmation is baseless.
And it was an attack because the policeman was not in any danger nor protecting himself, it was a proactive action of violence by the police, one of many that day.
Oh please, that day the police were under a lot of strain and suffered enough of the attacks you mentioned during that period. Certainly the video's shown depict the rozzers in the worst possible light, but that sells news print. Police are human and can make mistakes or act in a way that in hind sight and from the comfort of an arm chair can be singled out as terrible.

I don't believe that the police should be immediately subject to the same process as civilians. In the broader context, if during riots or disturbances the police cannot act (mostly well within reason) for fear of prosecution, they will do nothing (bystanders refusing to give 1st aid syndrome), then when the sh1t hits the fan they be accused of standing by and doing nothing.... so either way they are damned.

Should the cop face an internal disciplinary panel certainly, and be punished accordingly. If he'd have laid into the guy, criminal action definately, but he pushed the guy to move him along, from which the poor guy died. So tragic, but not murder.
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