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Re: Yet again the Met get away with murder.

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You do not have the right to keep walking if the cop tells you not to. Thats the way it is even in England and because of crap like this Police doesnt get respect anymore.

I am saying if he was not part of it, he could have walked behind the line or whatever. The whole riot was a treat to the police and general public and he was considered to be part of it.
You, friend, are an idiot, if you believe the words you so vehemently utter. But because you are quite obviously a foreigner unused to British politics I give you the benefit of the doubt and advise you to listen to your more moderate, (and British) peers.

We invented the Police, and we ultimately control their actions and pay their wages, that is why they must call us ‘sir’, it may not be the case in the rest of Europe or America, but it is the case in Britain. We have no curfew or police controlled state, a police man can only issue orders to a member of the public if he has good reason to believe he is involved in or abetting criminal actions, the same goes for arrest and stopping and searching.
The protesters where ‘kettled’ pregnant women and people going to and from work where illegally detained in the street for up to 12 hours, nobody in the ‘kettle’ could leave, which is an abuse of police power in itself.

Hot tip – get the facts, and learn basic spelling / grammatical syntax
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