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Re: Yet again the Met get away with manslaughter [was murder]

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The autopsy was inconclusive.

According to your source: there were two autopsies indicating organ problems. First: failure of the coranary artery/heart attack. Second: hemorrhage in the abdominal cavity and cirrhosis of the liver. Both medical conditions often associated with excessive alcohol consumption. I didn't see him hit with a baton. Was that in a different video?

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You draw far too many conclusions about how he died and what killed him. Do you really think for one minute he would have died of the same on the way home without the assault by the Police? He was walking away from the Police.

I only watched the video that you posted. There was no reason to believe this man could have died from what I saw. Again, was there a second video with more information?

The comment that he was just walking home doesnít seem to explain the facts. Youíre trying to say that he strolled through 35,000 protesters and just happened to end up at the front of the riot police line in front of all the camera people on his way home. The report indicates that he was bitten by a police dog "earlier" this implies to me that he was told to move away but didn't, then stayed in the area. Then in the video he was clearly pushed lightly by the police officer to get him to move away. But he seemed to keep ending up in front of the police againÖ and again. You are of the opinion that he was just walking home?

We all make choices. This one may have killed him. I don't see how it was the shove though.

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The Met are infamous for over excessive aggression towards protesters.

That would explain the reaction to this situation growing into a frenzy. People may be so frustrated that they are adding other experiences and stories when assessing the situation. This distorts the facts of this specific incidence. Iím here in Switzerland and donít know the local history and extended experiences. If excessive police aggression is in fact a problem, perhaps the attention drawn by the public outrage will instigate some changes. Hopefully, it also encourages some common sense behavior like not pacing back and forth in front of a line of riot police.

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This incident begs for an example to be made.

Suspension, public condemnation, threat of life in prison, accused of murder, these are big punishments for a shove during a demonstration.

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