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Re: Circumcision in Switzerland

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I have always found this American obsession with circumcision extremely weird. As far as I am aware it is the general consensus of the international medical community that unnecessary circumcision is tantamount to ritual scarification of your child. In the 50's and 60's in England tonsils where routinely excised in children, (due to regular tonsillitis bouts in the population that could prove fatal to young kids, this medical process was abandoned with improved antibiotic treatments), but the rarity of penile / foreskin problems in the general public leads me to wonder why it is so common in the American population.

We are intelligent apes and have evolved over the last 3000 000 years with foreskins and tonsils and appendices, there is a school of thought, (one to which I subscribe) which dictates that we shouldn't routinely remove perfectly functioning parts of our bodies.

Plus, if you do intend to order a doctor to arbitrarily remove part of your son's penis, do you not think he (your son) might want a say in the matter? It might be prudent to leave your son to make up his own mind about such invasive and unnecessary operations when he is compos mentis enough to make his own choices about his own body.
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