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Re: Circumcision: right or wrong?

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I do think that parents should just leave him as he is and let the child decide when he grows up if he wants to be circumcised or not. And as for female circumcision...... absolutely horrible.
If you ask members of some religious community, do you think those people will think and debate about this custom and circumcision will be stoped?

They probably think they have it done 500 years ago, so why should they question their religion and doom their custom.
Things will change like peoples way of thinking changed 60 or 100 years ago, it just needs time and education that those usless custom will disappear.

But religious customs are harder to get rid of than just a wrong general opinion.
In my opinion if Circumcision is done because of a religious custom. then it is dangerous if those community can not re think about their way how to live a religion.
I realy can not see that parents realy would want to get their baby circumscised, they do it only because the pressure in their religious community to follow the rules.

Here a short videoclip about this from Reuters :
Why do they need to carry on with this, whre is the point ? If circumcision is not questioned and not seen as an useless and stupid custom we risk that such things will go on including FGM which is also done in some Islamic comunities.

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