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Re: Circumcision: right or wrong?

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What about all those children in America who are circumcised, despite not being a member of a religion that demands it? If you remove the religious purpose is the family and cultural case strong enough? I don't think so . . . it was promoted based on a faulty idea of its benefits . . . and that many in the US aren't circumcised shows that it not necessary for cultural identity.
Yeah true. But at very worst it's a neutral procedure. There is some evidence both for harm and good. So to me, it's a big whatever, unless you're the tree hugger type who thinks the way we're born is perfect. I couldn't care less if I had my appendix removed at the age of 2 because my parents prayed to the God of spleens who has a continual war with the God of appendices. I'm here, I have a little scar, whatever.

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However, even for religions where this is mandated, surely the child could make their own choice at 16 (or whenever) and that would remove the consent problem.
And surely Jews should make a decision on dietary laws after a quick chew on some Pata Negra. Nah, can't negotiate with religious doctrine. In any case, you're putting a lot of trust in the objectivity that child will have at 16. Children brought up in orthodoxy will always choose circumcision. Always.