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Re:Circumcision: right or wrong?

i'm finding this discussion fascinating.
To say my part, i do feel that circumcision as a pointless procedure should NOT be done. Now with that being said, i don't consider religious reasons as pointless. For someone leading a religious life, a circumcision is not at all pointless. So i guess most of this debate is based on what value you place on religion.

Can parents make life altering decisions for their kids? Sure they can, and they do all the time. And it should be noted that skipping the circ is also something that will affect a child later in his life IF he stays within the religion. More so in fact than not circumcising would. All my views are based on the assumption that circ is not yet proven harmful. Sure countless studies were quoted here but i can quote just as many proving the contrary. So far there doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence either way, and i see it no different than parents who decide to tattoo their kids in the name of religion or pierce the kids ears for no reason at all.