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Re: Non-EU postdoc - does anyone else have to pay student fees?

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Hi Everyone,

OK, so after more than 1 year this problem is still bugging me and I hope some fellow EFers can shed some light:

I work as a postdoc at the cantonal university. I am non-EU.
Initially I was on a one year contract and was given a one-year B permit.
After this contract finished I was given a 3-year contract, which I have just signed and consequently received my new permit - which is still a B, and still only for 1 year. Whilst it is annoying to only have a 1 year permit, I understand this.

But there is one thing I don't understand:

Why am I still expected to pay for university inscription (student fees) every semester?? We are not talking a heap of money (CHF 115 per semester), but add that to the yearly cost of permit renewals and it gets annoying...particularly because no one can tell me why it is necessary!

I have asked other postdocs here, but they are all from the EU...and none of them are required to pay these fees.

I have asked the University who keep saying that it is because my permit is a student I ask the cantonal authorities why my permit is a student permit and they say it is because I am a student (and pay fees)...

So can anyone tell me is this is normal, and if there is any way out of the cycle!!

Do you do any courses at uni such as german?

IMO you should just feel lucky that you got an B-permit. Im postdoc at UZH and I have 2 consecutive L permits. I'd probably pay the 115CHF a semester for a B
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