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Re: Damage deposits on moving out

If someone really wants to act like a pr*ck and be ludicrously anal about stuff like 'damage' and 'unclean' apartments, are you going to drag it through all the processes and take it to court, costing you possibly thousands in the process and of course blighting your life in the meantime?
Sadly it appears that there are plenty of people here who are determined to get their way and if you happen to butt heads with them they are more than willing to make things as hard for you as possible. I would suspect that they get some sort of perverse pleasure and feeling of control out of it.

It's widely known that landlords often use this opportunity for squeezing money for their renovation projects. Foreigners often fall victim to this. Perhaps they expect people to hang their heads in shame at the slightest accusation of damage. Here is some points to keep in mind in regards to damage deposits.

-If what is claimed as damage is normal wear and tear from daily living, your landlord cannot claim it. Carpets, countertops, kitchens and just about everything have a certain life expectancy before they need replacement. You should not be held accountable for this.
-If you did cause damage and you had insurance, your insurance should cover any real damages you cause.
-If the landlord claims damage, call your insurance company and tell them. Setup a communication channel between the insurance company and the landlord, then step back. The agent will probably tell the landlord that the gig is up and they will not be getting anything.
- If you still get a bill and feel the damage is really not your fault, simply letting the landlord know that you would fight this all the way to the highest court of the land is often enough for them to back down. If you take this route, remember, don't flinch and don't blink an eye. I've found that people here can't rally handle confrontations. You may have to go a little bit over the top, even with a little bit dramatics. Study how New Yorkers do it, even add a little bit of foaming at the mouth. But you really should only do this if you are truly being ripped off. You may be saving a lot of people from a lot of trouble in the future. If it works, you may have real acting talents and should consider looking for a local theater group. Don't forget to come back to your normal self after you are finished and have a good laugh.
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