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Re: Electric Company Complaints

Unfortunately, we don't have the cash to be able to pay for a IWB electrician. It could run up to 1k or more just to pull things apart and look at it, or so we have been told.

And if they find out there's nothing wrong with the meter? Then we're out not only the high rates for electricity but also the electrician's fees. Even if the management company later found out the fault was within the building or the wiring in our apartment - do you think they'd reimburse us? Not without a fight. So I guess the fight could be now, up front, or later - if the meter turns out to be OK.

Not to mention that I cannot bring myself to pay for something they should be doing. They keep telling us that we are using that much electricity - despite their test and our inventory of what we've got running, and our electrican friend's reassurance that we can't be using that much.
1k CHF just to run some tests on your supply? Good grief, this is the sort of thing that they should be doing for free. If there's a wiring fault affecting the consumption readings, it could well also be physically dangerous to you. eg. Fire, electrocution.

Maybe you should get in touch with the renters association? Could be money well spent to join up.

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