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Re: Bringing personal effects from 2 countries?

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My first question is: can we bring personal effects from two countries? My shipment from the US has already cleared the country but I was only there for a little while. I am originally from France and still have a bunch of stuff there.

Can I just bring them over the border in a truck or will I not be allowed as I have already completed the 18.44 for the stuff arriving from the US?
You could have done - if you'd mentioned on the 18.44 that the stuff was coming in two loads on different dates.

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Also I am considering buying a car in France and bringing it in Switzerland under personal belongings. Do I need to wait to own the car for more than 6 months before bringing it over or can I bring it over since it will be a model that is a few years old?
No, you would have to have bought it 6 months before you registered. You will pay duties as normal.

Look on the bright side, you can being it in straight away .
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