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Re: Travelling Safely with a Dog in Your Car

There are two things to consider, yours (and the passengers' safety) and the dog's safety.

Putting a crate on the back seat doesn't seem to be a good idea to me as in a crash the dog and cage will come crashing into the front injuring the front passengers, and the dog.

Similarly in a crate in the back of a Kombi, the dog can be thrown forwards quite a way (Maybe 20 cm ) before coming to a hard stop! I haven't seen a proper approved padded crate yet, maybe I need to design one, with straps that will clip into the seat belt buckles on the back seat, or the floor shackles in the Kombi.

To me the obvious place is on the floor in the front footwell, but how can you keep the dog there? Maybe in a soft bed placed between the front passenger's feet? But then in a bad crash the engine is pushed back and passengers often receive foot injuries.

In a serious crash people can be injured badly from the seat belt, the same applies to the animal, and I would think the standard doggie 2 loop body harness is useless, or worse.

So the long answer is I don't know how you can protect the dog and the passengers.
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