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Re: Electric Company Complaints

That was actually my preferred method to deal with it, but I can't talk the husband into it
Given that this problem has been going on for some time, there's no sign of any resolution and it's costing you lots of money I would have thought that a move might be the best way. If you threatened to move you could always point out to the landlord that you'll be sure to be informing any future tenants that were sent around to look at the apartment what the situation was with the electricity ......

In Zuerich at least, I know that there is some sort of civil court for disuputes involving things like rent, maybe other things too like bills. Whilst the dispute is ongoing, you pay the rent to the 'court' and it will eventually rule who is in the right.

I don't think it costs anything to initiate but you might have to pay something if you lose. A colleague at work had a dispute with the landlord and followed this procedure.

Sorry I don't know any more about it but you should ask your husband to ask around with his Swiss contacts, someone is sure to know if such a system exists in Basel.

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