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Re: Student Visa for PhD student at ETH

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I am a non-eu citizen and i am about to start my PhD at ETH Zurich which they offered me a research assistant position. I have already applied for the work permit(B-permit) and other formalities and i have sent the work permit application to the the immigration office of Zürich canton . I was wondering if i still need to apply for visa separately or the immigration office will issue the visa for me and how long will roughly take to issue the visa?

I presume that you are presently in your home country. If the application for the B- permit has been made already (the ETHZ will have had a hand in this), then you can expect to receive a letter (in german) basically outlining that the relevant office issue you the permit (keep this safe). You will then need to take this letter to the swiss consulate/embassy in your city and they will issue the visa with no problems and no undue paperwork.

At swiss passport control in Zürich they may ask for the purpose of your visit, if you say to begin Ph.D. you will need to show this letter to them. You will also need to take this letter to your nearest kreisbüro (the city is divided into 8 kreises and which one you need to go to is determined by where you will stay), who will issue you with the actual B-permit.

Hope this helps
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