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Re: Student Visa for PhD student at ETH

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Thanks for your prompt reply.
I am in Australia now and will apply for the visa at Sydney . As you said i have applied for the B-permit through ETH nearly 2 weeks ago. But i do not know how long will take to issue the work permit which i can take to the Swiss consular?.

Many thanks,
Unfortunately, these things take time and you could expect up to three months. In addition, you should bring with you originals and certified copies of your school leaving certificate, your university qualifications (BSc. hons, MSc.). Once here you will need to go through a process called immatrikulation (basically acceptance that your Australian qualifications are swiss equivalent). This is also a long process and i suggest you arrange to do this whilst you wait for the permit. I'm not certain how it will work for the ETHZ but the UniZH has a website that may provide you with some guidance.

Remember those originals as the administration with new registrations (non swiss) can be quite stickly here and it will reduce the grief of having to get them couriered from Aus. at a later stage.
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