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Blocking personal information from eAutoIndex

Unbeknownst to many expats (and Swiss) personal information (home address / telephone number) can be easily found in a matter of seconds via an eAutoIndex search of your car's plate number. This can be done online or with apps that are readily available for smart phones (ie: iPhone).

For those not wishing to have this information available to the general public you are allowed by Swiss law to have it removed from prying eyes.

Auskunftssperre / Sperrrecht beim Strassenverkehrsamt:
Will eine Person die Bekanntgabe ihrer Halterdaten an private Personen und Organisationen sperren lassen, hat sie dies dem Strassenverkehrsamt schriftlich mitzuteilen. Ihre Halterdaten können dann nicht über Internet abgefragt werden. Über gesperrte Halterdaten wird nur Auskunft erteilt, wenn die gesuchstellende Person oder Organisation schriftlich beim Strassenverkehrsamt nachweist, dass die Sperrung sie in der Verfolgung eigener Rechte gegenüber der betroffenen Person behindert.
(§§ 16 und 22 des zürcherischen Gesetzes über die Information und den Datenschutz sowie Art. 126 der Verkehrszulassungsverordnung)
To make this easier (especially those that are "local language challenged") I've put together this list which contains documents (in pdf or online) that can be sent to the respected motor vehicle departments for de-registration from eAutoIndex. After applying there will be no confirmation that your plate number has been removed, that you will see yourself if you do a search of your own number (believe the database is updated weekly).

So below you'll find the different cantons with a link next to them that contains either the document itself (in pdf), a link to deregister online or no documents found "???" (red colored cantons). Since I don't speak Italian I was unable to find any documents for Ticino. My French is almost nonexistent but I was able to find a couple of them except Jura and Neuchatel. For Jura I found a document but not sure if it's the correct one, if someone can have a look at it to verify it I'll be very grateful.

(thanks go to MrVertigo for confirming Jura and finding Neuchatel, Baselstadt)

If anyone finds the correct documents for the red colored cantons or discovers a bad link please contact me and I'll update the list. thanks.

Aargau: (online)

Appenzell I.-Rh. instructions for SMS - SO site, but works for AI

Appenzell A.-Rh.: (Link) Look under "Diverse / Antrag um Sperrung von Halterdaten..."

Bern: (pdf)

Basel-Landschaft: (pdf)

Baselstadt: (pdf)

Freiburg: (pdf)

Geneva: (pdf)

Glarus: (pdf)

Graubünden: (pdf)

Jura: (pdf)

Luzern: (pdf)

Neuchatel: (pdf)

Obwalden/Nidwalden: (pdf)

St. Gallen: (online)

Schaffhausen: (pdf)

Solothurn: instructions for SMS

Schwyz: (pdf)

Thurgau: (pdf)

Ticino: online

Uri: (pdf)

Vaud: (pdf)

Wallis: (pdf)

Zug: (online)

Zurich: (pdf)

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