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Re: 'Mistakenly' Signed Contract Woe

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depends how long you left it before getting back to them to say you weren't gonna take it... I guess they are not happy about you turning around and not signing the document, and if you left it right after the beginning of when the contract was supposed to start. I would say it's only fair they charge you for the first month's rent and whatever costs they incurred because of you promising to take such a contract. I don't know exactly what you signed but from the sound of it you agreed to it in principle and had the contract been available at the time and your wife been there at the time you would have signed and unfortunately from a neutral percpective at least, you should pay them something...

Maybe you can offer to pay them something and try and find someone who can take the contract on your behalf?
I 'signed' Fri 16th Jly, and called to say I could not take the flat Thu 29th Jly (and sent a followup e-mail the next day); the rental was due to start Mon 16th Aug.

I well understand them not being happy; the phone call to tell them this was not something I enjoyed doing. What I thought I had signed for was an agreement of intention (similar to what you woudl sing when buying a house in France or the UK) to rent. I agree I have to pay something, but I don't want to and cannot even if I did pay what they are asking me to pay. Also I genuinely misunderstood (not their problem, I know).

They did find a renter it seems, otherwise the admin person here who deals with a lot of contracts reckons they'd be asking me for 3 months' rent!
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