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How to earn a living in Geneva with an MA (Applied Linguistics) and 5ys teaching exp?

Hi, guys

I'm definitely not about to complain. Neither is this your average "give me a job" post. I'm just getting clueless as to how to earn a living, and would appreciate any helpful advice.

I've spent a couple of months looking for jobs and by now I can conclude that I'm either not doing something right or it's simply impossible to actually support myself here, with my qualifications. I'm working for a language school now, but it seems that with the tax refund my husband would get if I wasn't, I'm actually paying for my job... Not that nice, but I'd rather pay then be totally idle. But that's not the point, it's obvious that I need more work.

Well, for that I'd have to apply to tons of language schools, but there doesn't seem to be so many of them in Geneva. (And I'm looking for ones with decent salary offers.) Besides, they all can only give you a couple of classes. What limits my options further is that I'm technically not a native speaker. I won't go on debating that point, there's no denying it. And though I could do the job with my eyes shut, if their website promises learners a native speaker I understand that they expect one. Lying is not my kind of thing, so on we move.
The Uni of Geneva doesn't have an Applied Linguist lecturing there at the moment, and by the time one comes around PhD application for this year will be over. So that route's crossed out as well.
I could retrain to be a highschool teacher, but first I'd prefer teaching outside of that world, and most importantly this doesn't solve my earning-a-living problem.
I could go into administration. But... but... I really like teaching, talking about teaching, writing course material, eventually maybe training teachers, writing some informative articles/books... So all in all I can't really see a career in admin.
I've also checked the UN. The jobs they have in/around my field (I'm also trained in research) all require UN experience. I've thought of doing admin there for a couple of years just to "get in", but I fear that my teaching skills would perish away by the time I can put my hands on something more field related.

OK, that's my story. Sorry if it's boring or seems just a lot of blaaaaa. I'm really clueless as to how to go on and would appreciate helpful comments. Thank you for even reading it.
Have a very nice day!

"Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others."
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