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Re: Do I have to get a TV licence from Billag?

I understand this is a tax to finance and sustain the production an operation of the public swiss TV and radio programs.

I believe it is right to pay for it.

The thing is this is a tax you can renounce to pay if you give proof you are unable to use the TV and radio by yourself.

And this creates this confusing thing with Billag.

It'd be easier in my opinion, if they just collect you the tax together with the other taxes, and off course if it was lower because is kind of high.

I do pay it, after several years living here they came and made me sign, but I rarely watch TV, Swiss TV practically never, international TV, maybe once a week on sundays... the only radio that I listen to is when the Trafffic Information transmission interrupts my CD player on my car...

I have better things to do outside than just to sit in front of the dummy box.

But I have to pay some 400CHF to sustain the work of the SSR, SF, TSR etc....