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Re: Gold Buying

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Interesting, but are they forecasting gold rising or the dollar falling?

I would be interested to see an authorative view on the future of gold/CHF; as I mentioned before this rate is currently circa 10% below its recent high.
I don't know of any such view, but couldn't you just combine a view of Gold/USD with a view of USD/CHF?

The problem is getting an authoritative view on each! I'm a fan of Jim Sinclair - but he has a vested interest as he owns a gold mine. It's interesting that Goldman have now nicked his long held prediction of $1650 (Jim's $1650 is probably the most famous prediction in the gold market of this decade/century).

edit: Marc Faber (who happens to be Swiss) is also very good, but he's also kind of a goldbug. His monthly report costs $200 per annum, but his current views can easily be found by putting 'Marc Faber' into Google news

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