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Re: Gold Buying

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Not sure why you would define LME copper as a financial asset. Certainly not my understanding. If you hold it to expiry they will give you the copper in a warehouse.
N.B. I said an LME contract. I didn't realise that you were advocating taking delivery. Not something I'd mortgage my home for either.

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PS your implied negative comment about anonymous poster was uncalled for - I simply asked you to explain how it is a default or catastrophe hedge. you replied because others think it is...ironic.
You are an anonymous poster - I was merely saying that I personally weight the views of all the central bankers of the world over yours. One could describe their view of gold as default/catastrophe insurance, or gold as money, as anachronistic or even delusional.

That doesn't really matter. These views have been in place for thousands of years and seem highly unlikely to change in the immediate future.
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