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Re: middle age / middle of europe/ middle of autumn

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Hi everybody
i wonder how much age has to do with anything
i mean do you find as you age you complain more ?
woke up today with a back ache , saw the fog and then felt like the world was destroyed by a nuclear weapon and i was the only one alive , oh and the dog
could be my reading material is affecting me
and world politics, the president of Iran etc etc
but really what is the answer to this grey fog feeling?

Get a better attitude?
become religious ?
plastic surgery ?
running ?
joining a gym ( oh god, no)
is this a personal thing or is this an existential issue?
Anyone brave enough to reply?

Listening to Elvis isnt working anymore by the way...
1. Go eat some raw vegetables and drink some mineral water (for good mood and good energy) after work on a Friday on your way to Europcar.
2. Rent car and drive to Liguria (leave at midnight, get there for breakfast)
3. Put on sunglasses and eat breakfast of mozzarella, tomatoes and bacon while watching the waves. Drink coffee. Drink wine and eat pasta and pesto for lunch.
4. Go for a walk.
5. Drive to Milan for an evening meal, and an espresso on the piazza and watch the people. Drive home to be in bed by 10pm.
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