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Re: ...and how about the homework of the children?


My children (aged 7 and 8 years old) have been in the local Swiss school since August. They spoke no french before starting school, I have a very basic understanding of french and to be honest found the homework challanging at first. The maths was very easy, probably what my children were doing 2/3 years ago in the UK but the french comprehensions were tricky. However, my children now go to an afterschool homework club, "coup de Pouce" (I think is the proper name). They go twice a week for 45 minutes straight afterschool and there is either a teacher or willing parent there to help with the homework. The kids seem to really enjoy going! and nearly always manage to complete the written homework, giving me the opportunity to work with them on their vocab and grammar. We do pay for the sessions, I can't remember exactly how much but it wasn't expensive (yes something in CH which hasn't made me exclaim - How much) but we did have to sign up and pay for the full term. I think these kind of sessions run in several school in CH?

Before homework club - Mr google translate and my french-english dictionary were my friend, plus emails and texts to my french teaching sister in the UK.

Good luck with the move and I hope you all settle in quickly.

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