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Re: Exemption from compulsory health insurance, can I get it?

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Hi all,

this is my first message on this forum, so, first of all, the presentations: I am a PhD student at ETH from Italy, arrived about two months ago. This forum is a great resource, thanks for it.

Now to the issue. I know I need to get a health insurance, they even remember me by mail. However, I read that "persons staying in Switzerland for further education, namely students, are eligible for exemption provided they have equivalent insurance cover". Now, the Italian national health insurance would still cover me while I am here, can I then request such exemption?

Are there any other Italians doing (or having done) their PhD here?


The short answer is no! If you were on a short stay and had health cover from ITA then you would be exempt.

The closest you can get is a subsidy by the kanton. This is how it works.... after your 1st year here, you will receive a letter (multilanguage) outlining that you qualify fro assistance due to a low salary. Fill out all the necessary details, post back and your premiums will reduce by 50%.

You will receive the same letter at the end of every year... DO NOT forget to resend it as this will disqualify you for assistance.
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