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Re: Non EU on 1 yr renewable B Permit eligible for unemployment insurance

I think it depends on how the employer-employee relationship is terminated:
did you quit, were you made redundant or were you fired because of something bad you did? If you quit or were fired, I really doubt that you will be collecting unemployment benefits if your permit runs out in the 3 months after you were fired.

If you are/were made redundant AND you are in a "preferred" skill set type of job, you may have a chance for unemployment benefits and therefore should immediately apply once you suspect that you will be made redundant (like lost big funding or grant money).

Also, please beware, it depends on who you speak to at the RAV and in what language the local one preferrably!! With some luck, you can collect benefits and look for job while still living in Switzerland. They may also issue you a temporary extension of your permit if you meet all their requirements. There are no guarantees unfortunately for non-EUs, it depends on so much "subjective" things.

It is possible, and in principle, you should receive benefits if you are made redundant, but the issue for you seems to be how close is your B permit expiring to your last day of work. This is a touchy issue and Bern only decides case-by-case (I think!!!)
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