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Re: Introduction - considering a move to Switzerland

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I have just registered and this is my first posting, so wanted to introduce myself! I'm 28 and my husband is considering moving to Switzerland for work soon-ish (ie, within the next 6 months) so we are trying to gather as much information as possible. I'm half English, half Danish and we are currently living in Copenhagen.

I have read some of the threads (searches on google continuously point to this forum!) and they've been quite helpful - am sure we'll post with more specific questions when we have them though.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello
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Hi - I have been surching this site for various helpfull hints on moving back to CH. I'm swiss and my husband is American. I have lived in the US since 1988 and we are ready to move back to CH (well I am my husband has never lift in CH ) I have a 7month old and 2 large dogs. I have never undergone such a large move, the last time I moved was with my dad!!
I'm very overwealmed - and hope that this site will give me lots of good tips and inside and help me anwer some questions.
I'm really looking forward to meet as many people as possible that may be able to help me and my family move back!!
have a fantastic time searching this site!!
A warm welcome to you both - nice introductions .
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