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Re: Moving 16 yr son from midwest to basel

Dear Hoppy, ThomasSSS, Carlos R, Recently Arrived, and all the other responders to my query : first, I would like to thank each adn every one of you for your very useful thoughts, comments, suggestions. I don't know yet, how to use the system in the forum to convey my thanks ( can someone help me ? ) - but I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and wisdom re: my son's transfer of schools. Personally, I think if he repeated Grade 11, did the IB program, and spent 2 years outside the USA, he would be better off in the long run. I doubt if he would miss any time, overall, since he might be able to finish his UG in less than 4 years if he did very well in the IB program - which he can, if he puts his mind to it. This last phrase is the key : his own determination. I am collecting all your inputs into a series of logical arguments that I will place before him, and then give him the time to think and decide. But, since he cannot move until he completes this school year , anyway, I will wait until he is done with his mid-semester exams in January. I will also take him to Switzerland in the summer. so he has a first hand experience of the place. If he wants to stay there - great ! If he doesn't, my husband and I are mentally prepared that I stay back with him so he finishes HS in the US, before I join my husband. It will wreck our finances - but well, there are other priorities in life !

Having said that, I did have a couple concerns after our short visit to Basel last week. I saw young teens loitering in the streets in small groups , in the evenings, with beer cans in hand. Many were smoking very openly. Clearly , the society appears to be much more permissive than I am used to, in Ohio. Those of you who are living there now : please share your own experiences and thoughts about raising teens in that environment. What are your challenges and how do you cope ? Secondly, I noticed that the price of things were 3X - 4X what we are used to in Ohio. And the Swiss people appear somewhat reserved in interacting with foreigners. Again : those of you who have moved there from other countries : how do you find life outside of work ? If you have teenage kids, do they make friends easily or do they feel lonely ? If they are attendign ISB, is the expat community the only social life they see ? Please share your experiences to the extent possible. Thank you , again, for your very helpful inputs.
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