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Re: Unemployment benefit entitlement question and a tip

If you didn't notice that you weren't getting your unemployment benefit for two-three months, then some people might question how you were paying your bills - after all the funds are intended to support you while you are seeking work here, assuming of course that you are doing that.
AFAIK the funds aren't means tested - they are effectively the 'insurance payout' in return for the premium you have been paying for 'unemploment insurance' when in work.

There's certainly no onus on you to stop claiming if you have been prudent enough to stash enough money in the bank to support yourself even without benefits.

This is most definitely a 'letter of the law' country. If the law says you only have three months to make a claim then unless you can find another law somewhere that clearly contradicts it, you're screwed.

Compassion, cutting a person some slack? Not in this country, mate.

However, I am glad to know that it's not just me who seems to constantly face situations where something grossly unfair like this happens. I guess that's another reason why society here is generally so anal and paranoid - you have to always be on top of things to make sure you're not screwed over as a result of some rule or other.

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