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Cute things kids say

Sorry if this turns into a parental self-serving aren't-my-kids-the-greatest kinda thread, but ... well, isn't every parent's kid the greatest?

Mine is about to turn three and has had me rolling in the aisles with some of the things he's been saying recently.

Him: "I need a banana!"
Me: "Darling ... we talked about this before. 'Please may I ...'."
Him: "Please may I need a banana?"

And today, reinforcing the fact that the letter 'Y' is the most commonly used letter in a toddler's vocabulary:

Me: "I'm just cooking dinner, darling, won't be long."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "Well, we're hungry, aren't we, and we need to eat."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "If we eat dinner, we won't be hungry any more."
Him: "Yes. Why?" (for a bit of variety)
Me: (launching into technical discourse in the hope of throwing the little limpet off) "Filling the stomach with food triggers nervous impulses which act to satiate the brain's blah blah blah blah so you don't feel hungry any more. And you get nutrients to make you grow big and strong."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "Look, kiddo, not everything needs to be explained. Ummmm ... what's your name?"
Him: [Says his name, and spells it for good measure.] (Oh yeah, he's a genius, all right.)
Me: (fatal mistake -- I should have left it at that, when I broke the chain) "That's right! And that's not something you can explain, is it?"
Him: (looks thoughtful, then nods) "No. Why?"

Here's something from YouTube (never try to ascertain your child's feelings for you in the presence or otherwise of food). More than 56 million people now know what this 3-year-old thinks of his mother.

Do you have any gems from your offspring that you can share here?

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