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Re: Investment Fund Savings Plan/Income Plan

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Talkin about funds, I was approached by a guy from Churchill & Partners last week and he was telling me that by using off-shore locations they can provide me with 5-10% of income per year (in CHF basis for sure).
What do you think about off-shore staff, is it risky? Shall I go with it, because 5-10% per year is very tempting when you think about the 0.5% given by UBS
You are being offered a knock-out product which is a banking instrument making use of market volatility. I'm surprised it's really in CHF, but in any case it'll be conditional on indices or stocks not dropping beyond a certain point in a certain time frame. Post the details and I'll tell you more.

I absolutely detest these products. There are so many IFAs, especially working for banks, that sell these products as lower risk vehicles (they sort of look like bank accounts with interest rates). They carry substantial risks including significant counterparty risk. While there is nothing wrong with the products per se, I believe the wrong people are buying them.
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