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7 posts, 11:09 today
There are a ton of cost of living threads for you to read, just do a forum search for "cost of living" or "living costs". As a single guy with low enough rent yes you will live and save money just fine.
Started by: Commons · 8.Dec.2021 · Employment
8 posts, 11:00 today
Drummer looking for metal-spirited minds
Hello everyone, a small update. We've managed to connect with a guitar player in Bern and started making music over 6 months ago. Even recorded an EP (see https://thecraton.bandca... If anyone here is interested in jumping on the…
Started by: dzdz · 11.May.2021 · Entertainment & dining
3 posts, 10:59 today
Do they know it's Christmas - favourite…
Started by: John William · 8.Dec.2021 · International affairs/politics
14 posts, 10:35 today
New prescient test for old age dementia, etc
It's a little confusing why you are taking the time to reply to an obvious troll instead of just banning them. I mean, it's so obvious that I don't even see how it's a discussion. New members that immediately dive into controversial…
Started by: marton · 7.Dec.2021 · Family matters/health
20 posts, 10:21 today
First time car buyer
Referring to the fact that any new tech should be waited upon. Nothing to do with production quality. This includes most EVs. Therefore, wouldn't rush out to get a VW T7 or id4 at the moment. Let the poor consumers test em first so that…
Started by: kri · 6.Dec.2021 · Transportation/driving
19 posts, 10:04 today
Homeschooling in Kanton Schwyz
:D I'm in the defending team. My closing argument: :D In most of the comments against homeschooling on this thread, most I can see is fear of this or that; basically, opinions without actual research. Brainwashing, failing to adequately…
Started by: SNG · 30.Nov.2021 · Education
8 posts, 09:47 today
bowlie may have made FleischVögel, at least that's what a kind of roulades are known as in German CH the sauce + mashed potatoes would match. The filling Wiki gives for Involtini is different, though there's probably an unlimited number…
Started by: bowlie · 7.Dec.2021 · Daily life
4 posts, 09:11 today
Hello everyone :)
Started by: JenniferTodd · 7.Dec.2021 · Introductions
11 posts, 08:37 today
Cheapest PCR for travel
I've posted this elsewhere but I'll share here as well. These guys aren't up and running anywhere but Bern for now, but they have plans for other locations: https://www.medica-care... PCR saliva test is presently 30 CHF (they keep…
Started by: sandaleen · 6.Dec.2021 · Travel/day trips/free time
69 posts, 08:36 today
How to legally employ a cleaning lady/domestic…
I've used Batmaid myself. A little reminder if it's your first time going with them, you need to sign and send a contract to them (at least it was when I first started with them a few years ago). My memory is a bit hazy on the exact…
Started by: cinzia_t · 29.Sep.2009 · Daily life
7 posts, 23:01 yesterday
EU accused of trying to cancel Christmas
At one of the multinational offices, someone did a nice friendly bit of art on a whiteboard in the coffee room, simply wishing everyone a Happy Christmas. The Happy Christmas was erased by someone. So he wrote Happy Xmas. Nope - that…
Started by: marton · 7.Dec.2021 · International affairs/politics
11 posts, 22:27 yesterday
RAV Tax not deducted
You get a monthly statement from the RAV every month detailing the calculations….. we can’t force people to read and check them. The norm is that people don’t have taxes deducted from their salary. The OP is the exception so I…
Started by: Carineo · 7.Dec.2021 · Employment
11 posts, 21:53 yesterday
2022 Vignette - special offers - where and what
Lidl's offer is out as well. CHF 25.90 on December 1st with spending of CHF 70.- on other items (regular exceptions like Aldi). Lidl extends the offer somewhat as opposed to Aldi who only has the offer on the 1st. On December 2nd…
Started by: Verbier · 23.Nov.2021 · Transportation/driving
27 posts, 21:53 yesterday
LEGAL - Boss faking signature of employees
Do I take it OP is using “fast food outlet” as a euphemism for his place of employment? They were asking about banks looking for credit references last year. Is the “boss faking signatures” a euphemism for someone bypassing…
Started by: TheComputerNerd · 6.Dec.2021 · Employment
12 posts, 21:49 yesterday
Best deal on fast internet in Switzerland 2021
>> Original poster said they are outside of the fibre area. I didn't know you could get your own dedicated fibre line if that is the case : do you have a link to how to do that? Might be of interest to me. Thanks
Started by: christianvonmoos · 2.Dec.2021 · TV/internet/telephone
9 posts, 20:04 yesterday
Can my employer force me to work in the…
Well, you are spot on ;) and I fully agree, it’s like they don’t want me to be in home office because they would have exploited the situation. I am going to resign anyway end of this month because, as you say, these types of…
Started by: chparigi · 7.Dec.2021 · Employment
48 posts, 19:10 yesterday
Bus fine after EasyRide app failure
Actually it seems a pretty common experience as I read did happen to others ... I had the same experience last year on a train to Chur and, since then, I always take the screenshot of the QR code. Besides, the behaviour of the ticket…
Started by: coolbeanz · 20.Jan.2021 · Transportation/driving
3 posts, 18:56 yesterday
Started by: stuart1956 · 7.Dec.2021 · TV/internet/telephone
23 posts, 18:42 yesterday
US likely to require 24 hour COVID test soon
...if you can't do testing, consider flying back to Milano Malpensa and entering Switzerland by train from one of the territories bordering Switzerland (Lombardia, etc.) which according to the letter of the law are exempt from registration…
Started by: meloncollie · 1.Dec.2021 · Travel/day trips/free time
1 post, 18:15 yesterday
Salary Paris vs Zurich
Started by: sergelk · 7.Dec.2021 · Employment
47 posts, 17:21 yesterday
Cross border shopping in German - Restrictions.
That was not my experience. When we went to Germany for doctor's visits, we were stopped on the way back home by the Zoll on the Swiss side and asked if we had gone shopping. At least on the Waldshut border, Swiss residents were not…
Started by: blackbird · 22.Dec.2020 · Travel/day trips/free time
4 posts, 17:15 yesterday
Anyone selling an Nintendo switch?
Started by: Chin · 7.Dec.2021 · Items wanted
7 posts, 16:40 yesterday
Civil Engineering / Architecture Course…
Well done for recognising that you're not happy with your current work, and deciding to do something about it. It takes courage to make such a big life change in the pursuit of fulfilment. Sorry I can't offer any constructive advice,…
Started by: dilip_gem · 7.Dec.2021 · Education
2 posts, 15:37 yesterday
Sending glasses back to optician in UK
Started by: abbazaba · 7.Dec.2021 · Other/general
44 posts, 15:35 yesterday
Gifted program (Begabtenförderung)
I would agree with whoever opined in this thread to go ahead with the assessment. The assessment doesn't just tell you whether your child has (or doesn't have, as in my daughter's case) an IQ over 130, rather assesses his or her various…
Started by: dragoneiric · 30.Nov.2021 · Education
14 posts, 15:26 yesterday
Dealing in stolen goods.
Possible. But federal law will provide the frame, state law won't differ that much. The interstate requirement won't apply, but #4 still needs to be met. What's a plea bargain? Nobody in their right mind would agree to the mentioned ban…
Started by: bowlie · 7.Dec.2021 · Daily life
25 posts, 14:54 yesterday
FHNW Msc Life Sciences Interview
Hi all! Is there someone that could share his experience after the interview? I will have mine in the next days and I really appreciate if some of you can help me. Probably it would change based on the chosen Major, but every feedback…
Started by: filswiss · 6.Dec.2015 · Education
15 posts, 14:10 yesterday
Swisshaus AG is the worst Building company…
I can share a mostly positive experiences with full renovation and extension. 1) Cost overran about 20%, as expected :D Took a loan for a project with some options which weren't executed in the end due to the overrun 2) Mostly good…
Started by: Hopp Swiss · 4.Dec.2021 · Complaints corner
34 posts, 13:09 yesterday
Foreign Currency Exchange
What is the cheapest / best / most secure way of changing chf to eur when you're talking 6 figures ? I figured that I am too poor to buy a house in CH, but rich enough to buy a house in PT and retire...
Started by: TheIslandMan · 27.Jan.2017 · Finance/banking/taxation
102 posts, 11:39 yesterday
Swiss WWII History / Curriculum
Sounds very similar to the history teacher I had in the mid-late70‘s, a lefty out of the picture book, beard, sandals, grow-yer-own-jumper, The Guardian permanently tucked under his elbow, however he was also quietly patriotic and…
Started by: Aujourdhui · 4.Nov.2021 · Swiss politics/news
23 posts, 09:09 yesterday
Looking to buy a 7 seater MPV or SUV
Agree with that. Conjunction is quite complex there days with inflation not only on car market. I`ll miss Opel for it`s reputee with rust problem .. VW caddy is not bad, it`s highly reccomended in Bulgaria. Kids are still small…
Started by: Pedrolp · 2.Dec.2021 · Items wanted
19 posts, 23:11 06.Dec.2021
Buying Skis & Boots (first time)
There’s a guy Max in Stockli Cham near Zug. He knows his stuff great Boot fitter, excellent English almost native due to his missus. Highly recommend him, There was an American guy Andreas there before too was great but Max is really…
Started by: CuppaTea · 1.Dec.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
10 posts, 22:23 06.Dec.2021
Lausanne primary school
Only when it's possible, there are places where mixing up foreign kids with native Swiss kids is simply not possible..but these schools also get a lot of funds and some of the best or rather most enthusiastic teachers available. One of…
Started by: sezegnin · 6.Dec.2021 · Daily life
111 posts, 21:46 06.Dec.2021
Crazy owner is the straw that breaks the…
Your answer was "Because finding a place is hard" Is it harder than dealing with what you are dealing with and will continue to deal with? I'm sympathetic to your situation for sure... but just sayin'
Started by: Don Molina · 11.Apr.2021 · Daily life
18 posts, 21:44 06.Dec.2021
Work in Germany, live in Switzerland
Sorry I'm daring opening this discussion again, but there is a topic might be for many other interests. I am almost the same situation, but I am married. As I am still working and insured in Germany, I have submitted last month the…
Started by: NewInTownForever · 3.Jul.2017 · Employment
22 posts, 21:18 06.Dec.2021
C'mas in Zurich for single people ...
Looks like there's a few parties on the 24th which might be worth checking out ... so long as they're still on , that is ... I think the best approach for now is to just wait until a few days before & see what the situation is/who's…
Started by: FrJack · 25.Nov.2021 · Daily life
44 posts, 21:11 06.Dec.2021
Lost Kaba Star Key
Look, if you want to make illegal copies, the time to do it is when you first get the keys, lock up up the OEMS, and only use the fakes, that way if you lose one, no problem. But trying to convince the owner or management company that…
Started by: Leslinthecity · 4.Dec.2021 · Housing in general
13 posts, 20:50 06.Dec.2021
Now I know why Switzerland wants new F-35…
The true swiss will be waiting, what have they built besides a passenger jet that can have a few sidewinders attached for an African tin can dictator or a few simulators. Yes the F-35 for a country this size is something you would…
Started by: balakrishnan · 5.Dec.2021 · Swiss politics/news
3 posts, 20:41 06.Dec.2021
Volleyball players needed - Zurich
Started by: MsArya · 4.Oct.2018 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
16 posts, 18:37 06.Dec.2021
Fide Exam
Hi all, I had my fide exam today for German B1. It had 3 parts to it: 1) Speaking 2) Listening 3) Writing Speaking part: 15-20 min. Two examiners, one of whom will be your speaking partner while the other evaluates you.…
Started by: unbalanced · 23.Aug.2019 · Language corner
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