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  3. Sorry wrong number
  4. Great online tool to learn languages and more
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  6. Private German lessons in Zürich
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  8. Collar Stays
  9. The Swiss are funny
  10. Luzern and/or Nidwalden tandem, Spanish-English-German
  11. Enlish for Italian
  12. I need to improve my english
  13. like to learn bahasa Indonesia can teach you in swiss german/german or english
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  15. Need tandem French partner! Can offer Mandarin
  16. German: Need help with diplomacy...
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  18. What is Hudelwetter?
  19. French lessons with toddler on tow Geneva/Vaud
  20. [German] "Reserve aus Berechnungsstand bei Vertragsabschluss"?
  21. Tandem with baby / Zürich
  22. Language course - Realistic expectations?
  23. chasch mi filme = ?
  24. German Language Online Suggestions
  25. Tandem Partner???
  26. German or English wanted in exchange of French (I'll teach you)-(Basel)
  27. Hit my daughter again and I'll break your legs (in French)
  28. Does having a diploma for English help ?
  29. German/English/French - Lessons for Children, Exam Preparation
  30. German Lessons at Home
  31. Tandem: German (teach me) for Italian (I ll teach you)
  32. Intensive German classes or private lessons wanted urgently!
  33. Wanted: translation of CV English to German
  34. Wanting to do a German learning Course in Basel
  35. Babylon 10 - Translation Software and Dictionary Tool now free
  36. Want to speak Japanese! Can teach guitar :), or Dutch, English, German!
  37. learning French in Lausanne
  38. Translation of letter from Migrationsamt
  39. Courses of Swiss German in Haute Savoie?
  40. Need tandem German partner! Can offer Mandarin or English!
  41. "Next Tuesday"
  42. Course preparation Celi exam Zurich
  43. Where do English teachers advertise
  44. Young English speakers' gathering - Zurich
  45. Looking for a german teacher to teach a class of 3-4 people --- location: Basel
  46. Looking for English course in Bern
  47. German/Italian Tandem
  48. Need an exact German - English translation
  49. English course in Zurich
  50. Learning German near Termen,Brig Help
  51. Written English for spoken German
  52. English for Arab or French
  53. The Learning Place-Zug-Any Feedback?
  54. Translation help please
  55. German language ELDIS Course by Stadt Zürich
  56. German Conversation Group In Baden
  57. German course in Yverdon or Lausanne
  58. swap Chinese fpr French or English
  59. English Tutor needed for 4 children (separate) in Niederweningen
  60. Translation help
  61. learn french
  62. German Language Course in Geneva
  63. Help with small thing.
  64. I need help with German language contract in Basel
  65. English for German language exchange
  66. German: Rules for Compounding Words?
  67. Wanted - German tutor in Wadensil
  68. Language practice and more
  69. My wife is very proud of her English!
  70. where can I find a good intensive German Courses?
  71. Chinese and Dutch-- German exchange
  72. Looking for native Swedish speakers
  73. How would you translate "Taschenrechner bedienung?"
  74. Italian course - Locarno
  75. English / French conversation
  76. translation help
  77. Can I have an extension please?
  78. Dynamic Spanish Conversation class
  79. A1 Lagune Hueber Course Book and Practice Book (Bellingua)
  80. Selling Instant Immersion German software
  81. german courses near Dietlikon
  82. Help with translating some short phrases of Swiss German
  83. Can anyone tell me if this sentence is correct?
  84. ASPEKTE 2, Teil 1
  85. [French] Ne pas affranchir
  86. Day time conversation exchange: German - English
  87. Recommendation for German teachers
  88. Anyone knows of a website with German childrenbooks in pdf?
  89. Sprach Schule in Zürich
  90. German conversation in Basel A1/A2 - Thursday, November 22nd at 19.30
  91. Learning Swiss German from Swiss TV??
  92. Looking for cheap German novels in Basel
  93. Learning French in Basel + TANDEM Partner
  94. Obligatory French at primary school
  95. Need B1 level Goethe German test books
  96. Swiss Or High German
  97. Your French for My English
  98. Urgent dutch (holland) speaking person needed!!! Asap
  99. Has anyone used Byki?
  100. Books for Intermediate German Learners (Level B2)
  101. Language Exchange - Tandem: Native Italian for your Geman and/or English
  102. English proficiency amongst the Swiss
  103. Adieu can this word be used as goodbye here?
  104. Tandem my German/English for your French
  105. Which language to learn?
  106. Looking for a native english speaking person for my son 7 years old Prangins
  107. Any German Conversation Groups in Winterthur?
  108. German learining group in schaffhausen
  109. Tadem: your German - my Spanish
  110. German/English conversation in Berne
  111. English conversation over lunch - not for free
  112. überkonfessionell
  113. German language school
  114. (Wanted) Private German Lessons Winterthur
  115. language exchange
  116. German-English dictionary (online or iPhone app?)
  117. Simple way to type German characters on English keyboards
  118. Questions about LSI Language school Zurich
  119. French conversation evening?
  120. Language research - please help
  121. French - Lausanne: Looking for cheap advanced course
  122. Help: on/in/with this matter?
  123. Dear German Friend, Cant you really pronounce "ARRR"?
  124. German Conversation in Zürich
  125. How to get rid of Der, Die Das????
  126. Migros Klubschule?
  127. Why are German courses taught in German?
  128. Intensive German
  129. Spanish/ German (or English) Tandem for moms
  130. German-English conversation group Lucerne
  131. [German] Nennstartkarten?
  132. German: Numbness, tingling sensation
  133. Translation request: DE to EN please
  134. Tandem Spanish-German in Zug
  135. Tandem your german - my romanian
  136. tandem my spanish or english for your german or italian (Basel)
  137. Conversation Exchange German/English
  138. I teach you Swiss German if you teach me British English
  139. Swiss German translator
  140. Zeppelin de Plomb, et les autre Franglaises
  141. Life after C1
  142. Learn German in the Baden area with me ?
  143. Swiss nursing titles; what's the difference?
  144. Little help with translation
  145. For Loooong-time expatriats or natives only: Words in "mer esch das glich"
  146. Competitive language school costs?
  147. German conversation groups in Zurich?
  148. Lullaby that my Swiss mom Sang to us
  149. American teacher for accent reduction in Lausanne?
  150. The Language Cafe - FRIBOURG - Wednesdays @ 19hrs
  151. Any suggestions on swiss authors?
  152. Good german language classes in Zug?
  153. you can always make fun of your own
  154. Private French Lessons?
  155. Who wants to join a group of 2-4 to take private german lessons?
  156. Translation of Document-Zug
  157. Forgotten English words and phrases
  158. French course in Fribourg with childcare?
  159. Private German lessons in Basel
  160. EN to Swiss German phrase help
  161. german lessons in Hinwil
  162. My daughter needs some assistance
  163. For Zurchers - German Course and counselling by Migrationsamt
  164. Tips for learning French vocabulary
  165. French cursive?
  166. The Language Cafe - Fribourg - Wednesdays @ 20hrs
  167. Translation Help Needed - Italian to English
  168. a question about a french school
  169. Learn German by my self
  170. Any expats speak Romansh?
  171. German course Benedict Schule
  172. Translation Help ( to Migration Office )
  173. Need Help Translating English to Züridüütsch!!
  174. German conversation in Basel A1/A2?
  175. Calling all fans of German literature! German bookgroup (C1-C2 level)
  176. En forme - how to repond to this!?
  177. Cheap German lessons, 8001 Zurich
  178. Simple (I hope) translation requested
  179. Language school in Aarau
  180. Mandarin lessons in Zurich near Oerlikon
  181. Difference: native speaker and monther tongue
  182. ECAP Lausanne French course: anyone has done it?
  183. Need to learn German quick
  184. Simple/Short SwissGerman-English translation
  185. Grillade
  186. 24 year old guy moving to lugano
  187. whats k-way(french)?
  188. Wanted - Native Swedish speaker
  189. German classes: Seeking current info on Swissing, Inlingua & Bellingua instructors
  190. Langenscheidt Dictionary lexikon englisch deutsch
  191. German-Chinese exchange partner????
  192. BASEL:Looking for Language Exchange Partner for German/French in exchange for Hindi/E
  193. Discombobulate in French
  194. Swiss German Baby Quotes, Sayings, Traditions
  195. Learning german in Lörrach or Weil am Rhein
  196. One Paragraph to Translate
  197. have you "became" something interesting lately?
  198. Beginners courses in German in Zurich
  199. German course with baby in Zurich
  200. Language exchange meetup in Fribourg ( French and more )
  201. A delightful sentence ... enjoy! (French)
  202. German course in or near to Wurenlingen ?
  203. Tandem Spanish-English for German - Luzern
  204. Help, what does this say?
  205. What is the right expression for
  206. to dismantle?
  207. Learning German iPad app
  208. Tandem in Bern: Your English for my German
  209. lausanne looking for a french speaking friend.
  210. False Friends (words, not people)
  211. Sorry seems to be das falsche Wort
  212. Confused by the meaning...
  213. Loosing accent?
  214. Translation help for home application
  215. French conversation practise Lausanne
  216. Translation help!
  217. Do you need Swiss German in Zurich?
  218. Translation help for step ladder
  219. The ubiquitous Swiss "oder?" !
  220. Zug Swiss German Slang Help
  221. Anyone knows TeacherTraining, Milano?
  222. Question for native speakers
  223. German lessons with daycare in Zug?
  224. German Language Intensive in Bern
  225. French for maternity
  226. WANTED: Private english lessons in Bern
  227. Ill teach you chinese, you teach me german!
  228. French learning for beginner
  229. Benedict vs Bellingua...
  230. Learning French in Saint Louis
  231. German language course with day care - Basel
  232. What is the German word for..
  233. German Evening Classes
  234. Ill teach you english, you teach me german!
  235. EB-Zurich
  236. Je vais chasser le caribou
  237. German to English please help! Or, the rules of ATTENTION GRABBINGLY good copy
  238. Sprachendienst Konstanz - any good?
  239. German Lessons for Children
  240. German language school in Bern or Biel
  241. Luzern:private german lesson to an Italian
  242. help needed for english french translation
  243. Self-study German
  244. Learning German in Germany
  245. German Lessons with Childcare (Stäfa) - Another Student Required
  246. learning Italian in Switzerland
  247. My Spanish, English, French for your German
  248. Looking for intensive german course in Kreuzlingen
  249. german language course in Luzern
  250. Looking for Chinese-German language exchange partner