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  1. H.B.S vs Migros intensive course
  2. I really need your help with my French!
  3. German C1 - looking for partner for private classes
  4. German school/private teacher in Thun/Bern - help
  5. Translation
  6. Quick German translation needed
  7. German words and english pronunciation
  8. Temp Training
  9. A2 or B1
  10. Help with a text written in German
  11. New in Zurich! Looking for language exchange
  12. Language learn with children care
  13. meaning of, "ab 2017"
  14. please help translate!
  15. German grammar help please!
  16. Learning Italian in Ticino - lessons needed, where to go!?
  17. English course for non German speaker [ZH]
  18. Ifage vs Migros
  19. German speaking practice
  20. Learning Swiss German first
  21. A2 German course in or around Uetikon am See
  22. Swiss German in Migros Klubschule
  23. Technical advice needed - translator headsets
  24. Help needed for some translating!
  25. Contemporary novels in Swiss German?
  26. German speaking tandem partner/teacher in Bern/Burgdorf
  27. Upset does not mean angry. Ever
  28. Couple of months of intensive German in Germany: good investment?
  29. french pronunciation drills
  30. German for English or Arabic
  31. Practice German together in Winterthur
  32. Swiss German - Home / Farmstay
  33. Friends series in German with german subtitles?
  34. Looking for a private German teacher in Zurich
  35. German courses / teacher
  36. Language tandem: Chinese-German
  37. Do you brush your teeth, or clean them?
  38. Language depression!
  39. RAV German language certificate
  40. How would you translate Dreckstromabgabe?
  41. Intensive German Language Holidays?
  42. Can you teach me Bulgarian? (Tandem English or for a fee?)
  43. Fun ways to practise German
  44. Learning French
  45. TELC B1: Letter Topics
  46. Share french lesson in Lausanne
  47. Looking to learn portuguese-tandem or lessons-can offer French & English
  48. Online German classes
  49. German Courses
  50. German translation including possible context
  51. Zurich: Looking for tandem practice English (me) - Spanish (you)
  52. Telc B1 appeal results
  53. Help with translation :)
  54. Beginners level German course - open places available
  55. Learning German/Swiss German for 2 year old in Basel
  56. what level of german should i have to be successful at interviews?
  57. Braunwald: endless source of novels in German
  58. Now or Later
  59. Looking for German B2 or B1+ class/language school
  60. tandem Chinese-German
  61. tandem English-German
  62. German classes in exchange for Portuguese/Spanish/French classes
  63. Looking for Private German teacher
  64. German certified in Zurich jobs?
  65. Randfries
  66. Recommendation of German class (B2) - Bellingua, Alpha, ...
  67. " zu + verbs "
  68. German teacher in Zurich - Kreis 7
  69. Learning German and Refreshing Russian
  70. Looking for an english friend
  71. Was eszett phased out in Switzerland in response to Nazism?
  72. Quickest way to get to German Level A2 while working
  73. Tandem French - English in Bern
  74. Grammatical rule
  75. Advise (provide advice) in or Advise (provide advice) on
  76. chinese woman looking for language exchange between chinese and french
  77. Affordable French course in Lausanne
  78. Motivational letter need some help
  79. Looking for someone to practice Chinese with
  80. Toki Pona
  81. Infornt Sprachstudio or Sprachwelten
  82. Need some help with Swiss Translation!
  83. Private German tutors?
  84. Funny Canadian English/ German dialect
  85. Similar language course closer to home??
  86. Cost of translations?
  87. Learning German on weekends
  88. Interesting German podcasts?
  89. fun way online to practice German - cheap, too!
  90. German course in zurich what are your recommendations?
  91. German: Addressing a condolence card
  92. [German] Private tutoring in Bern / Fribourg area
  93. French/ German Tandem in Zurich
  94. Looking for English conversation partners
  95. German courses in Winterthur
  96. German lessons early morning
  97. Online German Courses
  98. Reading music
  99. German language tutor in Zurich
  100. I am looking for German course in Bern. help plz
  101. Weekend german lessons in zug?
  102. Italian speakers ... help please!
  103. Private German lessons, Basel area
  104. german beginner: speaking practice buddy in zug
  105. Lernzentrum Turner, Horgen good for intensive?
  106. Swiss German-what?
  107. Seeking recommendations for High German Lessons in Bern
  108. Private German lessons in Zürich / Zug
  109. Learning German
  110. Sprechen Sie Deutsch German course
  111. German Forum
  112. French in Zurich
  113. Please can someone translate this Mailanderli recipe?
  114. Deutsch Courses in Wetzikon
  115. Goethe C1 exam
  116. Intensive German course, visa?! (Basel)
  117. Learning German at Flying Teachers?
  118. Is French Immersion the answer?
  119. English tutoring for kids in Bern?
  120. C2 Level - Appropriate Grammar Book
  121. French Lessons
  122. German [learning] ... where next?
  123. Tdüüüüürrrrr
  124. I love you and miss you in Swiss German (Zurich dialect)
  125. Looking for Spanish (Beginner) conversation
  126. Learning Deutsch and hearing Swiss German
  127. Looking for a German Course in Bern (though with particular stipulations)
  128. Best and the most affordable intensive [German] course in zurich
  129. Looking for German Lesson. [BERN]
  130. Long goodbyes
  131. Language exams
  132. Tandem Greek/German
  133. Swiss German Songs
  134. German <-> English: Words that do not translate well
  135. Free online children's books & language learning
  136. German Speaking Partner in Basel
  137. which shows i can watch on youtube to make my german better
  138. English (BE) - German Tandem in Geneva
  139. Looking for a French Teacher in Solothurn
  140. Urgent buying something on Ricardo asap
  141. Since vs for
  142. Anybody have the ''English grammar for students of German'' book?
  143. Native english speaker for private lessons / conversation in Lugano available (after
  144. Learn French - Options?
  145. Amazon.de now available in English
  146. Help [writing German cover letter]
  147. Speaking German in the UK - how realistic?
  148. Intensive german course- Basel
  149. [French] Lessons in Zurich
  150. Perplexing phrases
  151. the sepp blatter song
  152. How to say 'sans papiers' in English?
  153. Swiss German to English translation
  154. Do you live in concubinage? - The tax man wants to know!
  155. Kids Books? [German and French]
  156. One sentence German->English translation help needed.
  157. Alternative Place Names
  158. French course on Skype-looking for a second student
  159. Inventing swiss german
  160. German Homework help needed
  161. Best intensive German course in Zürich
  162. Swiss German/English language tandem...in Lausanne!
  163. Weekend french
  164. B2 Certificate Exam on Short Notice
  165. English private lessons needed
  166. Finding a French tutor in Zurich?
  167. Movies and TV Shows for German learners
  168. Study Group for German Grammar in Zurich Area (ideally in Oerlikon)
  169. Learn German and or other languages online for free
  170. Learning French in the Geneva area
  171. German for work
  172. Ganz Viele liebe Grüsse?
  173. Bellingua Lang. School info
  174. Activities to learn French
  175. French B1 exam near Basel? (In France?)
  176. Anyone taken TELC B1 Deutsch Exam?
  177. English certified translator
  178. versions of a letter....
  179. German Conversation
  180. unübersetzbar...
  181. kokosmus?
  182. Chinese German Tandem
  183. Looking for a tandem my italian/french for your english
  184. Schwiizerdütsch vs Hochdeutsch
  185. Looking for super intensive German class in St. Mortiz
  186. CV/cover letter translation to French
  187. Interesting Swiss German TV Show!
  188. "Wo die Welt noch in Ordnung ist" - Translation
  189. German B1 lessons through skype
  190. Wants feedback of "AOZ Deutschkurse fur Anfanger"
  191. Der, Die und Das
  192. What does this mean? (English)
  193. Conversation course (German)
  194. recommendations for learning swiss german
  195. Very brief help with a translation
  196. Learning German vocabulary
  197. I need your help! (German Text)
  198. German tutour / course - Baden or Wettingen
  199. Arabic (Ameea or fursha) language exchange partner
  200. Allen Key
  201. German B2 through C2 courses required near Uster
  202. French tutor in Basel?
  203. Review of Swissing Swiss-German Course
  204. Cheap/free Italian language courses during summer in Lugano.
  205. Conversation Classes in Zurich?
  206. Memrise
  207. English conversation
  208. French intensive language course: duration? Reviews on Voxea School in Lausanne?
  209. MuKi (mom and child) German classes?
  210. French looking for a German Speaking teacher in Zurich
  211. Migros Klubschule Zug (German) any good?
  212. Looking for a host family in english speaking country
  213. CV review
  214. Russian / Italian teacher or exchange lessons to French
  215. General Website translation needed
  216. where can i learn high german only :)
  217. English / French Language Tandem in Sion?
  218. 1 week German course for 3 girls (2nd week July)
  219. Another good app
  220. Really long german words
  221. Language partner - German-Portuguese
  222. C2 German
  223. German course B2
  224. Semaine Verte - what does it mean
  225. Looking for Swiss german podcasts / youtube videos
  226. Meisten / Most
  227. [English] about next/last + weekday/month
  228. Example German A2 tests
  229. What is Mz. the abbreviation of in German?
  230. German classes in Luzern
  231. Private German Conversation Classes wanted
  232. written German fluency - need help
  233. Swiss German - English - Tandem Partner
  234. Best language to learn-Zug
  235. Swiss German & Swiss French Sign Language
  236. Completely beginner in french
  237. German course [Speaking Focus]
  238. Interactive/skills-based German lessons
  239. German Class Zurich? Tandem German-English?
  240. does crivit sound good in german?
  241. International school near Thun
  242. Native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker seeks German speaking partner for tandem lessons
  243. Native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker seeks German speaking partner for tandem lessons
  244. iPhone Swiss German App?
  245. German Courses in Baden
  246. Where to learn Deutsch near Bern (Bahnhof) or in any near bahnhof station in Bern
  247. Learning french for kids
  248. language courses in Interlaken
  249. English/Italian tandem in Zurich
  250. German - Looking for an intensive course in the Biel area