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  1. Helpful threads for Newbies and Oldies
  2. Where to buy marble/granite
  3. Fuel and water prices?
  4. Pumpkin Carving
  5. Mobility scooters
  6. Is it your birthday this week ? Friday thread)
  7. What (Swiss) watch do you wear?
  8. Delivery of expensive guitar from US
  9. Cancer test and treatment options
  10. Skin care
  11. Looking for somebody speaking Czech
  12. Great Continental Railyway Journeys - Zermatt to Geneva
  13. Places for leaf peeping in Switzerland
  14. How much you can bargain for buying a car ?
  15. The truth about swiss girls and women
  16. Coop Plush stickers
  17. Bringing in meat from over the border...!?
  18. Jam Sessions
  19. Do the Swiss want to control everything?
  20. Good bike shops / garages in Ticino area
  21. German grammar help please!
  22. Motoway crossing for stamp near Basel
  23. Where to buy curtain fabric
  24. Walking Stick
  25. Swiss president's car rear-ended by speedy driver
  26. What is the best way to buy a used car in this country?
  27. Syngenta
  28. A shock in the dark...
  29. How to ship a car from UK to Switzerland
  30. Fun and activities in Nyon :)
  31. Life Cost in Baden Switzerland
  32. Cardboard/fiber drums
  33. Hanging out in Chur
  34. VÖGELE bought by OVIESSE *VENEZIA(
  35. Bikes
  36. supermarket being used as a bar
  37. Whenever you are feeling down...this is Swiss TLC for you!
  38. WTF moment at Zurich HB
  39. Déchetterie plastic
  40. lemon detox
  41. 65 year old man forgets wife at WC stop
  42. A quote that made me smile
  43. Why does the 9 tram stop at Heuried? Please help calm my brain.
  44. Paper shredding
  45. Any Swiss/German websites like Overclockers.co.uk? (configure/setup pc)
  46. Migros app add coupon
  47. WRS now in Basel, Winterthur, Lucerne and Zug
  48. Low class immigrants in Geneva
  49. Where to order custom wood shapes to build a guitar.
  50. Local swiss schools in Horgen
  51. Homophobia in the Nelson Bar
  52. Savings - grocery shopping over the border.
  53. Postal Delivery
  54. Vintage Jewellery
  55. Internship in Canada, US or NZ: help required.
  56. Help with Swiss electric. Apple Imac plug
  57. Decoration ideas for baby shower
  58. Are stores in Zurich closed this afternoon?
  59. Karate club for kids (in Locarno)
  60. Is this normal for swiss people with children - Long and ranty
  61. Hochwacht restaurant - Lagern - closed till 2018
  62. Rude ladies in shopping center
  63. Bilingual schools
  64. Blue parking - trying to park for 90 minutes
  65. How to get a formal document of leave from Versoix commune.
  66. Living in Versoix, Geneva
  67. Walking ladies group in Rapperswil?
  68. Films shot in Switzerland
  69. English grammar help please!
  70. Funny people in Bahnhof Bars
  71. Housing subvention requirements example
  72. Wedding Location Help
  73. Ultra Cheap Roller Suitcases
  74. Old furniture disposal
  75. Looking for english speaking friends in Lausanne
  76. FDA: Bans antibacterial soaps due to uselessness, possible harmfulness
  77. any inspiration for leaving your home to meet with people
  78. From wine tasting to jazz dancing to yodel
  79. Sonic booms at this time?...
  80. Olten,
  81. Loud bangs near Lachen
  82. Just a little reminder that this place is pretty great
  83. How (if possible) to get BBC / BBC world server on the radio (without internet)
  84. Thief awareness wetzikon area
  85. Please don't text and drive!
  86. Ricardo
  87. Wide bed formats
  88. Deemed marriage/divorce
  89. House doctor changing
  90. Pakistani food
  91. Hedge wars
  92. HRH the Queen LOVES Swiss wrestling!
  93. low price shops moving ino Zürich downtown
  94. EF book swap
  95. Lost my keys in the lake at Chateau de Chillon
  96. Where can I get one of these?
  97. Food prices rise?
  98. Sometimes not being able to leave your CH heart behind
  99. To UK nationals
  100. New Aldi recycling for milk and juice packages
  101. Where to find a banner printer.
  102. Sparrows
  103. So, Geneva is not so bad after all!
  104. Fly
  105. Genuine concern for the environment or cynical spin on a business decision.
  106. Bread from supermarket
  107. Salt Mobile World contract
  108. Migros Cumulus or Coop Supercard? Who's vouchers are better?
  109. Swiss currency symbol
  110. Lidl amazing supermarket
  111. Kartbahn in Spreitenbach - any good for kids party?
  112. Something throwing things out of trees
  113. Best towns for young families in Switzerland
  114. Beware Tick Bites and Lyme disease Increase.
  115. Delivering multiples/twins
  116. Denominations matter
  117. internet
  118. Laundry: How to handle people not following the signup sheet?
  119. Migros Subito thief
  120. GENEVA NEEDS YOU...to yodel!
  121. Good employment lawyer
  122. Describe your salary using the title of a movie.
  123. Getting rid of furniture.
  124. Is it genuine or a con
  125. What a life
  126. French conversation in/around Nyon VD
  127. Grocery delivery for small amounts?
  128. watchout: Velo control in schaffhauserplatz ZH
  129. shower cap filters
  130. CH National Cinema Day - 04.09.2016
  131. Catholic masses in Spanish
  132. any place for American breakfast?
  133. shops
  134. Sattel in Summer
  135. where to shop for groceries/household items online
  136. CU later alligator, in a while crocodile, hey man is that a caiman?
  137. Hair replacement/hair system in switzerland
  138. What does Swiss fashion look like?
  139. Privacy Rights
  140. Keeping stumm- your right but nothing worse for raising the red flag..
  141. Track & Trace with Swiss post
  142. Relocation advice request: Basel-Land to Basel-Stadt
  143. Rodent in salad
  144. How can bananas be fresh??
  145. Corporate tax reform iii?
  146. Moths!
  147. What is your favourite Swiss city?
  148. New mums or mums to be (in Maur)?
  149. Air show over Geneva this weekend?
  150. Happy IBD!
  151. Migration to Geneva "in free fall"
  152. Any shops taking old furniture during the delivery of new?
  153. People of Basel, beware!
  154. dust & bugs!
  155. Tax declaration for a married couple...how do you know your individual portion?
  156. Food cost family with two kids - Zurich
  157. complaining neighbors
  158. any singaporeans living in geneva ?
  159. My experience with putzfrau
  160. Post from Switzerland to England
  161. Living cost lausanne
  162. Shocked by ZSPU "Zombie Smart Phone Users"
  163. Why Switzerland struggles in big football competitions...
  164. Childrens cinema next to brothel
  165. Any inexpensive hair salon in zurich for updo?
  166. Advice for small bed for guests / easy to store ??
  167. Mould removal!
  168. Air Quality in Switzerland
  169. Board gamers around Baden?
  170. Whats the point of High German?
  171. Is Switzerland a Golden Cage?
  172. Towns with only one road in/out....
  173. Suggestions for a nice place for a first date in Zurich
  174. Easy park , Geneva airport
  175. Who is struggling with Swiss punctuality?
  176. Sons of the Kings of Tara in Kreis 1 (legitimate and illegitimate)
  177. Rottweiler in valais
  178. Missed connection - girl on tram 10/glattpark
  179. Simulatneous Swimmming and Barbecue in Lausanne
  180. It's official! Your neighbours really do spy on you
  181. Any idea where can i watch indian Movies- specifically Kabali?
  182. My daughter's drawing that didn't make it to the fridge door.
  183. Switzerland on higher alert status ??
  184. English speakers in Olten and Zofingen
  185. Looking for Sidi Cycling Shoes in store
  186. there a place with good weather in winter / summer?
  187. Swiss Mourning Customs - any advice?
  188. CHF2,500 for disposable income
  189. Woman locked by neighbour into basement for washing after 22.00!
  190. Live above the Hochnebel in Aargau canton?
  191. DIY shops (basel area) - wood/carton sheets
  192. Interesting approach of a DE company selling into CH
  193. Desktop in hand luggage
  194. children that speak some english
  195. Best English/ irish pubs... [in Zurich]
  196. Police in Zürich today with machine guns
  197. Sharing a flat with elderly people?
  198. Coop Brico+Loisirs/Bau+Hobby 15% off all store 12.07-16.07.2016
  199. any nice places in east switzerland?
  200. converting Halb tax to GA student
  201. Newspaper Subscriptions
  202. Switzerland intervenes for French/German friendship!
  203. Monthly minimum for kantons you live in
  204. Where to buy nose hair scissors/ trimmers?
  205. Moving to Zurich
  206. How much to paint a house?
  207. Golf equipment in ZRH?
  208. Asian moms in zürich
  209. Me me me me me me me
  210. Kieser training... any feedback?
  211. conditions to obtain a C permit
  212. Poste Restante delivery VAT refund
  213. Keratin straightening in Zurich
  214. Stopede: between Heaven and Hell
  215. Master in finance admission in neuchatel
  216. Where to find readymade Indian Paneer or even tofu?
  217. allnatura - anyone had any experience with this store?
  218. 152 bus from Adliswil Bahnhof timing
  219. Good luck to all parents
  220. Wholewheat pasta
  221. Brows/Threading in Zurich - Indian
  222. Highway road blocks today... whats going on?
  223. In kruezelingen for the next 30 days, what to do?
  224. Map for cost of living in Switzerland?
  225. Wall oven
  226. Yellow distance signposts
  227. Notice period for classes?
  228. Huge searchlight on top of Stanserhorn right now.
  229. Shisha or Hookah pipe shops in Zürich
  230. Lost monthly pass on a hike up Uetliberg - where to look?
  231. 4th of July events in Zurich
  232. Cellar flooded - does insurance cover doors?
  233. Internet baby Shopping in CH
  234. Looking for help in finding a regular part-time job in Basel
  235. Private swim lessons for child in Basel area?
  236. Mysterious bread piece in front of the door...superstition...?
  237. Is one brothel per 1000 population normal in Switzerland?
  238. Bio meat - Germany
  239. Issue with restaurant located in my building / insurance
  240. 8 Years of Bruises
  241. How to dispose of old sofa, Geneva
  242. Postal services
  243. Waxing and threading near richterswil
  244. New SVP Initiative
  245. For the Swiss who has everything......
  246. Maisons du Monde
  247. Should emergency vehicles be allowed to exceed speed limits?
  248. Summer vacation!
  249. Contact Lense Solution
  250. Friday Popcorn Thread