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  1. B Permit - Open or not.
  2. Japanese nationality and marriage
  3. Applying UK Visa
  4. Query on cancelling deregistration
  5. Erleichterte Einbürgerung interview in SO
  6. A small question of EU B permit change canton
  7. Lost B Permit
  8. SVA/AHV proof for self employed in Basel/BL
  9. Living in Switzerland, working in Germany
  10. Permit question of divorce... non-EU national...
  11. Non-EU Dependent B Permit
  12. family reunion
  13. How to start a small business in Switzerland for EU citizen?
  14. Police won´t cooperate in credit card fraud
  15. Non-EU with B can live abroad (e.g. Germany)?
  16. Can non-eu dependent work if EU spouse not working?
  17. Dutch PR, do I need to apply for working permit?
  18. Swiss Visa after work permit approval
  19. Marriage US citizen
  20. Police Tow away foreign vans and cars
  21. Biometrics Timeframe limits?
  22. Urgent passport photo basel
  23. Is a 2 room apartment necessray when applying for dependent visa?
  24. Boating license for busy people
  25. Passport for a newborn?
  26. Medical Examintion
  27. Can a naturalised Swiss citizen lose their citizenship for language deficit?
  28. First lesson learnt after arriving
  29. Urgent Help Required
  30. Restrictions for A8 national who also holds British citizenship.
  31. L Permit for NoneEU Student
  32. British passport expires Jan 2914 Renew Here in Switzerland
  33. 50cc
  34. Leaving the country
  35. Non-EU married to Swiss German moving to Switzerland
  36. Visa/Perimt
  37. Facilitated naturalisation from Abroad
  38. Traveling Question!
  39. EU C Pemit married US Citizen
  40. L Permit "Activite lucrative dependante"
  41. Permit renewal Kanton Zurich
  42. B permit, am I allowed to work?
  43. EU B permit to C permit
  44. French portage system and moving to CH
  45. Most Non-EU, Highly-Skilled Immigrant-Friendly Cantons
  46. UK citizen, looking to stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland
  47. Questions on import of classic car from US
  48. Switzerland to restrict all EU immigration
  49. living in CH on a B visa, working on contract in germany? contracting agencies?
  50. Container Import Duty
  51. Dependent Working Permission
  52. UK pensioner asked to declare pension in CH?
  53. Dual nationality need advice ...
  54. US citizen looking to bring new wife and newborn to Switzerland.
  55. Lost U.S. passport. OK to go on Bernina Express with L permit only?
  56. translation help with answer from migration
  57. Student Visa
  58. B to G Permit NON-EU
  59. b permit- can i intern in another canton??
  60. Non eu working permit
  61. Swiss Visa WP 'B-Type'
  62. Have only Swiss visa so far (no residence permit): Can I invite girlfriend to visit?
  63. Travelling within Schengen area: Permit pending renewal
  64. Are the quotas EU-8 stated for B residence permits or B working permits?
  65. Mediterranean Cruise - Swiss B permit
  66. First registration for permit in Geneva NON-EU
  67. WHO internship in ONE month - visa/work permit, please help!!
  68. Travelling to Italy during permit L process
  69. UK Passport Renewal - help!
  70. Student VISA after work permit
  71. Question regarding Submitting Naturalisation Application and New Naturalisation Law
  72. I am B Permit, Wife on L (Different Cantons)
  73. changing au pair visa to student visa
  74. Working on a dependent B permit
  75. Left Switzerland after 6 years - cooling off period
  76. B-permit application - P85 required?? (UK citizen)
  77. Is B-permit tied to company?
  78. EU-17 national B-Permit through own GmbH
  79. Study permit
  80. need help urgently :(
  81. 2 weeks left still no reply from the swiss embasyy
  82. Recent Process for Obtaining Residency and Work Permits?
  83. Polish citizen, applying for jobs in CH
  84. Is C permit standard for EU national after 5yrs?
  85. Spousal visa D -> B-permit
  86. Applying for Swiss Pass[port]
  87. Swiss citizenship & nationality
  88. My next B permit is opened? What does it mean?
  89. B Permit after marriage
  90. L permit about to expire, I'd like to stay longer.
  91. Would previous work permit rejection have an impact on Family Reunification Visa?
  92. Changing job with L permit (EU-national)
  93. My wifes Schengen visa is only valid for 8 days ?
  94. How to apply for pension when leaving switzerland after 30 years
  95. Visa for partner of foreign student
  96. American Acquiring Swiss Passport (Married to Swiss National)
  97. facilitated naturalization application - some advice?
  98. dependent visa extension
  99. Seeking information from employees working in more than one country in the EEA.
  100. permit c
  101. B Permit processing times (after biometric scan)
  102. Naturalisation duration
  103. visa awaited
  104. transitional period of 3 months
  105. Background Check for Teaching
  106. Student Visa - Language school
  107. EU moving to Switzerland with non EU wife ?
  108. Non EU change job approved by OCIRT, does it mean that I got it?
  109. Bulgarian and Romanian nationals: EU or not?
  110. C permit after 5 years in CH?
  111. 1y student B + 2y working L + 2y working B = C (Non EU)
  112. C Permit EU married with NON-EU - Can I employ my father in law?
  113. Naturalization and health insurance rebate
  114. Cool off period for Swiss visa
  115. my rights with my baby
  116. B permit to C after marriage or not?
  117. Non EU spouse married to EU Spouse - C permit
  118. Teacher- have a contract, but not work permit.. do I have the job?
  119. Non EU married with a EU - 8, living in Kanton Zürich...
  120. Travel restrictions for C permit holders?
  121. Any news on potential quotas for EU17-EFTA?
  122. B permit - Have to live in same canton as job?
  123. English first aid course in Basel
  124. Non EU B Permit holder moving to Germany
  125. Any EU-8 nationals who got C permit after 5 year B?
  126. Missed my immigration appointment...
  127. [Non-EU] Student Visa - How much money I need to prove?
  128. Chomage: what happens to my permit B
  129. Question about becoming an swiss citizen
  130. Travelling to Paris without child Passport / Permit card
  131. Tax return threshold and deadline
  132. Health Insurance with Diabete.
  133. Non EU citizen married with a german,Many questions about procedures, Please!
  134. possible to work overseas, retain CH residence??
  135. are contractor positions allowed for non-EU citizens?
  136. Citizenship
  137. should I inform kreisburo of moving out of my flat and staying at a friend's place?
  138. Starting a Verein in Zurich
  139. Marriage to CH citizen.
  140. Naturalization Request questions.
  141. Validity period of NON EU licence in EU (Outside Swiss)
  142. ombudsman or Attorney General in Switzerland
  143. Travel to US with baby
  144. Help with filling in Gesuch Bewilligung
  145. changing your last name?
  146. Lots of questions
  147. Expired passport - Can I travel with only a B Permit?
  148. How long does it take for Permit B renewal?
  149. Welcoming Meeting
  150. Owning a GmbH and leaving CH
  151. Need Advice,non-EU with a Swiss wife Planning to live in Switzrland
  152. Question re non-residence/residence
  153. Basel, B to C permit routine
  154. Student visa for the summer
  155. Swiss driving licence
  156. Where can I collect my work permit?
  157. Non resident tax rule
  158. A sad case of marriage life!!! Need help urgent!!!!!!!
  159. EU citizen - Is time spent on L counted towards gaining C?
  160. Changing clients with B permit
  161. Self Employment for Non EU B Permit holder for 5th year
  162. Nationalrat vote - no Swiss citizenship without C permit
  163. B permit change from dependent to working (EU - Romania)
  164. Legal help needed - European law
  165. Getting married
  166. Naturalisation for our kids only?
  167. B permit for Marriage
  168. L permit rant....
  169. Drivers Licence - Verkehrskunde
  170. Travelling to Switzerland From UK
  171. Permit C entitlement
  172. simply notary service near the French consulate?
  173. apply to C permit
  174. Need Advice on How to Extend my Visa
  175. Possibility to Sub-lease
  176. looking UK solicitor for Attest
  177. Getting married overseas
  178. moving from Vaud to Geneva - permit wise
  179. C Permit, wanted to freeze it for 3 years. But not approved.
  180. can a B permit holder travel within EU countries?
  181. Multiple Entries.
  182. Romanian citizen - temporary residence permit
  183. Visa for Family Reunification - Update
  184. Changing your registered citizenship
  185. gastro patent
  186. UK national, permit C after five years
  187. Forgot to extend C Permit 6 months ago
  188. Issue with declined Residence Permit Application
  189. Canadian trying to get working visa
  190. Good experience at the Zurich Strassenverkehrsamt
  191. Physical therapist
  192. Mailing items to the USA -- customs duty?
  193. Moving to Germany for internship while holding swiss student B-permit
  194. B permit denied due to job being part-time
  195. where to apply new passport
  196. B permit- stay outside country?
  197. Moving to Luzern from Neuchatel
  198. So many permit questions.....
  199. L permit holder to apply for Grad school
  200. Travel without passport
  201. Summon from BMF (Bern)
  202. "F" Permit Holder - Now Rejected (Prompt response needed)
  203. B Permit to C - Zertifikat START DEUTSCH 2 in Niveau [language proficiency required]
  204. L Permit - Contract work and self employment
  205. UK Passport via Paris Processing Centre
  206. Tourist Visa Extension
  207. Permit for job search after studies with change of canton
  208. RAV and permit extension
  209. Non EU change job - reply from inspection of work relation office
  210. nursing jobs in switzerland
  211. Long stay visa and travel outside Switzerrland
  212. Quick question: pls help
  213. Getting a job as a non-EU
  214. Chomage in Geneva - Pre-Registration?
  215. C Permit on Hold
  216. Staying in Switzerland while my visa is being processed?
  217. Child born in switzerland
  218. Work permit after resignation
  219. Is it possible to apply for residence permit L without any job offer?
  220. Current L-visa expiring, contract over, how to extend visa
  221. B permit holder leaving swiss for 4 months
  222. L permit/ employment questions
  223. leaving schweiz more than 3 months
  224. Travel within EU with C-permit
  225. Permit to live here without a job/as a Student from UK
  226. Divorce and B-permit for US citizens
  227. Unclear on what work permit this is - non-EU.
  228. Non EU C permit
  229. self employment help
  230. de-registration
  231. Is there a Visa for me?
  232. Trainee visa.
  233. Permission expiring
  234. question regarding leaving country after applying for B residence permit
  235. Post Doc. in Zurich (Work Visa Issues)
  236. Work permit B, Is it enough a job contract?
  237. Regular naturalization in Geneva - waitng time.
  238. further news on visa appeal
  239. passport validity for non eu B permit renewal
  240. I need to RANT
  241. anyone have any idea?
  242. Who/When to pick up visa
  243. Work permit for models
  244. Non EU wife going back to home country for pregnancy.
  245. Right to geographic mobility NON-EU Permit B
  246. Please help with a passport question
  247. The Swiss government plans to limit the arrival of Southern Europe immigrants
  248. Getting a job and a B-permit (EU national)
  249. Lost Permit
  250. passport expired in june12 and having a baby in 3 weeks