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  1. Marriage and birth certificate question (B-permit)
  2. Different Signatures on New Passport and B Permit
  3. experience with B permit via family reunification
  4. run-over of B permit quota for non-EU
  5. What options does an American have?
  6. US Congress to vote on new visa waiver restrictions.
  7. Non-EU B Permit - Changing Jobs
  8. Help needed! Thank you in anticipation
  9. For Renewing B Type Visa, Showing Your Salary as a Student
  10. German visa required or not for interns in Germany
  11. UK Passport renewal
  12. WGZimmer and applying for a B permit in Winterthur/Zurich
  13. US Congress wants to tie passport to IRS fines
  14. EU-2, good job offer, risk of work permit rejection
  15. Need help figuring out visa situation
  16. UK Passport for kids
  17. Seeking work in another canton on a spousal L permit
  18. Thinking about moving to Switzerland again
  19. Looking for Non-EU Student Visa info for Geneva
  20. Change of job after 2.5 years in Zurich
  21. Mandatory electrical inspection--what are they looking for?
  22. Graduating PhD, non-EU, 1 month permit gap
  23. Running a business with L permit (3rd country L permit )
  24. Permit
  25. Permit processing
  26. Work permit requires three years work experience post-graduation?
  27. Thread Split: Asylum permit denied - questions
  28. Legality of suppressed firearms
  29. When is the country's Quota checked?
  30. contract and b permit will expire soon, definetely want to stay
  31. new tourist VISA requirements after Paris attacks !?
  32. Going from Permit B to Carte de legitimation
  33. Waffenerwerbsschein [Weapons certificate]- Police Interview in Zug
  34. B permit reception process
  35. Legalisation/Apostille for birth certificate
  36. Would claiming unemployment benefit affect B permit renewal or upgrade to C permit?
  37. New swiss naturalization law and the process
  38. Help pls! Need to deregister in Switzerland
  39. Canton shopping for a passport
  40. Overstaying in CH more than 90 days without Residence permit
  41. Trainee contract
  42. Question about permits
  43. B permit question
  44. South African "Police Clearance Certificate"
  45. 3 months turist permission expired after how long I can come back to Zurich
  46. Does a C permit really help in the job market
  47. seeking job in education or cultural area .
  48. Children’s wellbeing firstmost – KESB – permit?
  49. Poursuites
  50. Delays in issuing B & C permits
  51. Triple citizenship Swiss?
  52. B student permit/non-EU/temp full time job/school holiday
  53. 180 day/B Permit question
  54. Registering before finding a permanent address (Basel)
  55. Change of Canton Before Residence Permit Issued
  56. Change of employment on L permit for non EU
  57. Non-EU ¿Permission?
  58. Will an intensive German course give you a tourist visa?
  59. Work contract
  60. Deregistration process
  61. work permit for EU citizen
  62. Swiss visa stamping in Hungary
  63. How i can get the Job in Swiss
  64. B permit EU and Non-EU
  65. Dependent permit for brother [non-EU]
  66. Permit C via early integration as a family
  67. Convert B dependent permit to independent one.
  68. Divorce lawyer in Zug - any recommendations?
  69. Migrationsamt-Migration Office Zurich: Questions
  70. Marriage certificate not available
  71. Long Stay/Family reunification visa
  72. Any issues with the rest of the family registering residency on a different date?
  73. Permit for a newborn
  74. Einbürgerung [naturalization] in Basel-Stadt
  75. Help sought on Schengen Visa - Aufenthaltstitel Card
  76. Non-EU spouse of EU economically active
  77. Italian permanent residence holder to move in Swiss
  78. Sharing apartment
  79. advice on permits - EU/EFTA
  80. Weird change permit B turned to L ...
  81. B permit
  82. in what form will i get my visa permit
  83. "D visa" question
  84. Getting married right before arriving - any potential problems?
  85. New Immigration Rules
  86. Heads up for Americans--No More Passport Page Inserts After January
  87. Droit de vote as a foreigner
  88. Kita Praktikum [Swiss permit for kindergarten internship ]
  89. Opening cleaning service
  90. Work permit for architects [non-EU]
  91. B permit renewal for contract less than a year
  92. When do you stop being a regular visitor and start being a resident?
  93. Swiss Citizenship Question! Please help!
  94. L to B permit conversion issue
  95. Lost Titre de Sejour Card
  96. U.S. celebrates its diaspora
  97. Permits Portugal Citizens allowed to have in Switzerland
  98. Changing Universities - Student Res Permit Process
  99. Bern conton- Permit - Work situation
  100. Am I allowed to smile for my driver's license photo?
  101. Non-EU Swiss Grad question
  102. EU b permit
  103. Work permit/ Tax- where should i apply (Zurich or Bern conton?)
  104. Beyond confused about permits
  105. Need info About Marriage
  106. Swiss spouse B permit renewal
  107. Help please, looking for information on how long I can stay in Swiss!
  108. L, B & C permit questions
  109. New to Switzerland
  110. What is the process of after graduation of a Swiss University
  111. Naturalisation (ordinaire): Interview questions (by the conseiller municipale)
  112. any suggestions for rejection caused by salalry?
  113. Carte de Legitimation to resident B permit?
  114. Overstaying 6 months on Permit B (Third country nationals)
  115. Practical Engineering as a skilled worker
  116. Can you leave Switzerland after becoming Swiss?
  117. Apply for UK visa from Switzerland
  118. What happens if my Passport App ist denied?
  119. Proof of sufficient financial means (long stay visa)
  120. 3 months to find a job
  121. Legally eligible to work in Switzerland ?
  122. C Permit
  123. Doc from Uk to say never been to prison
  124. Is a permit required to resell goods bought from New York?
  125. Non EU foreigner, two job offers, quotas
  126. L to B conversion quota available now?
  127. Can I study abroad after getting Swiss citizenship?
  128. Possiblity of working while husband is on job search visa
  129. Mix and match?
  130. Wife left, not announced to commune
  131. American students moving to Geneva.
  132. Hong Kong citizen working in ZH
  133. Language requirement for C Permit ZH; UK Passport; Goethe/TELC a must?
  134. Health insurance
  135. Overstay B permit Switzerland
  136. Permit for my parent
  137. non EU, self employed contract?
  138. giving notice of departure while overseas
  139. visa / 90-day-overstay / marriage-visa
  140. Study aboard with B/ C working permit
  141. Engagementvisa in Basel-Stadt
  142. Migrations amt strange request
  143. Can one apply for a C permit?
  144. EU Citizen with non-EU wife: how easy would be for her?
  145. Non-EU B Permit. Can I live and work in different cantons?
  146. 5 years for permit C?
  147. Can non-EU citizens go to Germany with B permit only without passport?
  148. Enter and stay in Switzerland for a few days
  149. Naturalisation,police interview
  150. waiting for the visa authorization letter for three weeks, what can I do?
  151. Document Certification and Faxing/Confirmation
  152. How can i transfer to another canton
  153. Unusual situation... Any suggestions?
  154. non EU citizen, have set up a company but can't get a permit. HELP..
  155. Extending a B permit for medical reasons? Unemployment benefits? (Non-EU)
  156. If B Permit expires during trip, will I be allowed back in?
  157. Whether a family reunification visa allow to work abroad?
  158. Retirement with EU permit
  159. Frontalier / quasi-resident
  160. B permit and ANOBAG
  161. Staying over 90 days for EU national
  162. Is B permit issued when your company applied it for you or when you come to get it?
  163. Information needed: German birth certificate
  164. quesiton about drivers licence and sending a copy of it to me online
  165. Swiss nationality process
  166. Import of household goods UK to Kanton Schwyz
  167. 2015 Permit Quota for Non-EU
  168. Did not de-register for L-Permit, still possible to return to Switzerland?
  169. Swiss citizenship for my mother and myself?
  170. Importing regulations?
  171. traveling while pending permit extension, non-EU person with schengen visa
  172. From Canada to Lausanne: general questions + bringing a partner
  173. How long to get biometric center invitation?
  174. How to track work permit application status?
  175. B Permits
  176. Applying for C permit in another Canton
  177. CH Family Reunification Visa for Half EU and Half Non-EU couple for Non-EU mother
  178. Commuting to London from Switzerland?
  179. Can I travel throughout Europe via attestation paper?
  180. UK marriage registration in Bern
  181. Can Non-EU Wife Travel without Permit (still pending)?
  182. Trying to Get L Permit - Help
  183. How to recover a cancelled C permit
  184. Non_EU early permit C application, need help
  185. If I will divorce but I am student in university . can I continue study here after?
  186. Non-EU wants to move to Switzerland.
  187. Dependent L Permit Work Authorization
  188. What is the point of an apostille?
  189. B-Permit extension
  190. which news paper reports the name of the Einbürgerung person in Zurich?
  191. Traveling to Germany without a passport. What to do?? EMERGENT!
  192. birth certificate
  193. French Carte de Séjour - can I use that to work in Switzerland?
  194. Non-EU, Swiss gradute, 6months job seek permit expired, waiting for a work permit
  195. B residence permit serves as a work permit, doesnt it?
  196. Replace drivers licence in Vaud
  197. Help! swiss marriage license legalised at uae embassy geneva
  198. Just got my B permit for TWO YESRS!!!!
  199. Non-EU work permit problem
  200. Diplomatic member staff and poursuite
  201. Leaving Switzerland during [regular naturalization] process
  202. How long since they approve the visa?
  203. I'm Bulgarian and Canadian. Which would be easier to apply for work permit?
  204. Living in Germany and studying at ETH
  205. Registration and surprise, Estonian or "Russian"???
  206. How much is a B Permit?
  207. Registering at the Town Hall
  208. Schengen Visa refused, want to appeal against rejection
  209. What does Integrationsgesprach include?
  210. C permits have to be renewed?
  211. Leaving CH?
  212. Employing an EU national - how many hours in the contact to get a permit question
  213. Non EU, B Permit family reunion, German Husband move back to Germany
  214. 3rd Country Liechtenstein L Permit to work in Switzerland
  215. B-permit family reunification (Canada married to Holland) process with timeline
  216. Swiss Fed Govt Holding 50% Non-EU Work Permits
  217. Marriage American and Swiss
  218. "Circumventing" an EU L-Permit to get to an EU B-Permit
  219. EU B-permit without the right to work?
  220. Possibility as Swiss Citizen/PR (PhD Student)
  221. In which form(s) do the permits come?
  222. Possibility of converting 'L' type permit to a 'B' type
  223. Family Reunion related queries
  224. Swiss Dependent Visa-Re-legalisation by swiss embassy-Help needed
  225. Do I have to pay a 3rd permit?
  226. Portugese passport holder - documentation
  227. Challenge to change dependet B permit into independent permit
  228. Can My Son Move To Switzerland
  229. Moving to Switzerland next week
  230. Immigration lawyers?
  231. swiss partner and child, I am EU passport, what help/rights
  232. What are the required documents / info to get a B permit ?
  233. B Permit moving from Basel to Zürich and becoming self employed
  234. STA place of origin?
  235. Sibling "ïmport" from EU country to Switzerland???
  236. Do you plan on getting a Swiss passport?
  237. Non EU B Permit holder- Temporary work in EU Country issues A1?
  238. Thalwil - Renewing Driver's License?
  239. Info on work permit for Non-EU work permit for college graduate
  240. Swiss Living Abroad - How to get a passport online
  241. EU B-permit holder, absent for 7-9 months
  242. Wife registering in Geneva, how?
  243. Difficulties completing an I-9 form for a US job
  244. Permits after graduation
  245. facilitated naturalization - but no close ties
  246. British on G permit changing Jobs.....
  247. Getting married in the Valais
  248. trinidadian thinking about relocating to switzerland
  249. Want to move from US to Switzerland for 1 year
  250. Sri Lanka / CH Dual Citizenship - Docs & certification