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  1. Permit B question for Non-European.
  2. PhD completion / Job Search Visa / Non EU
  3. Non-EU/120 days work permit
  4. attestation of financial resources
  5. Non-EU Student permit years limit?
  6. ORP support to a non working spouse
  7. B-Permit Duration and Marriage
  8. B permit holder - marriage
  9. Tourist 3 month time
  10. Deregistered too soon
  11. from Carte de legitimation to Permis B. which form?
  12. Citizenship from Naturalised Swiss Spouse
  13. Does Permis C give me worker mobility?
  14. C Permit Do I need to send original language certificate?
  15. partners working
  16. Registering a birth in UK - Swiss Characters
  17. Interested in Relocating to Zurich
  18. Police clearance certificate for family reunification
  19. My facilitated naturalisation experience
  20. Visitors visa for family - Question
  21. Yet another citizenship thread
  22. Usa citizen getting married permit c
  23. Mother with 2 Swiss grandparents
  24. Freelance on Tourist Visa for 3 months after L visa expires
  25. Niederlassung vs Jahresaufenthaltsbewillingung
  26. Time_residence permit
  27. Need Clarity on Transit Visa
  28. Changing Passports on Auslanderausweis possible?
  29. My work situation and possible chômage.
  30. Aufenthaltsbewilligung (B) Ohne Erwerb [B permit, no work privileges]
  31. L, L, L ... when B? (EU)
  32. Visa for PhD student from India
  33. Non EU wife to be
  34. Help me! Im a Swiss abroad! Welfare and Military
  35. C permit - away for 6 months & address
  36. Permit B with Non Eu Girlfriend
  37. Non-EU, B permit expiring in 20 days, Extention possible?
  38. Clarification reg. email from Zurich Migration Office
  39. Legal rights as a Swiss citizen applying for a US artist visa o1
  40. Residence details as EU-25/EFTA member
  41. Sejour secondaire
  42. Gap between start date of new permit an end date of previous permit
  43. Buying furniture outside and importing it to Switzerland
  44. Moving To Switzerland From The UK Advice
  45. EU citizen living in Switzerland, working in EU - can spouse work in Switzerland
  46. Looking for Zulu speaking nanny!
  47. C permit renewal - travelling
  48. Moving back to Switzerland with my fiance
  49. Lawyer is needed - I was caught speeding on the road.
  50. Swiss Citizenship through Naturalization 10 vs. 12 years
  51. Marriage Visa and Change of Kanton
  52. lawyer recommendation
  53. Social Security (AHV) & Pension Plan
  54. Cities in Swiss where more IT jobs are available
  55. C permit application with a "gap" of "Duldung"
  56. Long-stay visa for third-national without work or study
  57. Change of address
  58. Name change process after Namenserkaerung
  59. What if I don't pay my compulsory insurance?
  60. Spouse Father's Name different on Marriage Certificate and Passport
  61. Ausweiss
  62. Urgent questions on the Visa de Retour
  63. Non-EU, work permit (B) and contract expires soon..
  64. Swiss citizenship
  65. B Permit: How long can you spend outside the country?
  66. Leaving Switzerland
  67. Non-EU Extended stay help
  68. Community Involvement - Swiss Naturalisation
  69. non-EU national student from Liechtenstein University
  70. deregistering and moving to the UK (non-EU)
  71. Citizenship with spouse is naturalised Swiss citizen
  72. B permit Question
  73. Return to Switzerland: B Permit and Unemployment Benefit
  74. Assistance with applying for Italian citizenship
  75. Proof of my single-ness
  76. Break in Permit. Normal? Potential source of problem?
  77. Options for wife with L-dependent visa
  78. Schengen visa for Family .., Any one applied ?
  79. Student in University of Fribourg
  80. An unusual situation - what permit to apply for?
  81. B Permit - Tied? Length? 5 years out date?
  82. Befristet (Limited) C Permit
  83. naturalisation - swiss husband
  84. Student (Type D) Visa questions
  85. Fine at the COOP shoplifting incident
  86. How likely is it for an computer engineering undergraduate to obtain L permit
  87. Bad luck with naturalisation law
  88. Freezing permit for studies
  89. Permit/health insurance - PLEASE HELP!
  90. EU+non EU couple seeking to move professionally to Switzerland
  91. Question about B work permit
  92. 'Retirement-Type' Visa if Over 60 & Self-Supporting?
  93. G Permit advantages
  94. Press conference Bundesrat
  95. Need help with marriage visa
  96. B Permit 12 Months out of Switzerland Rule non EU
  97. Naturalization in Canton Zurich
  98. Permit failed
  99. Dependent Visa
  100. Another question about Frozen Permits
  101. Dependent B visa wants to switch to C holder
  102. missing attestation de départ...
  103. Visa question.
  104. sponsoring non-EU Parents to retirement visa in Switzerland
  105. Canton Change Approval from Bern - Zürich
  106. Freezing a C permit
  107. Leaflet on naturalization, by canton of Geneva
  108. Permit/retirement/marriage
  109. Non-EU moving from Germany, permit type
  110. If can not get a B permıt
  111. Ordinary Naturalisation Process -- time between authorisations and swearing in
  112. Student visa with scholarship
  113. Non-eu but resident in Austria - moving to Switzerland with EU hubby
  114. Residence permit vs work permit
  115. Bringing household goods into Switzerland without confirmation of notice of departure
  116. Fingerprints for Swiss Passport
  117. Freelancing for L- Dependent Visa
  118. Family reunification - Naturalized Swiss wanting to bring non-EU parent as dependent
  119. Want to move back to Switzerland (uk national)
  120. L to B conversion success
  121. UK Limited Company - Working in Switzerland?
  122. British Dependant
  123. First time obtaining Swiss Permit (“Ausländerausweis”) – information and explanat
  124. C Permit Language Requirement ASAP
  125. Process to apply for ealry C permit in Geneva for Non-EU
  126. Applying for a student visa, if I already have a Carte de Legitimation D?
  127. citizenship
  128. Possible Visa?
  129. Do musicians need a permit...
  130. Frontallier Freelance / Independent Status with a G-Permit? Possible?
  131. Need information for an Australian visitor visa
  132. Citizenship requires uninterrupted residence?
  133. Got my visa what's next
  134. Bern Naturalisation interview - DONE
  135. Work permit
  136. Residence Permit B without photo attached
  137. Non-EU work permit after study
  138. nonEU B permit: second job
  139. Non EU B permit holder passing through Leichtenstein
  140. Getting permit & housing
  141. Student Permit: Stating intention to leave CH despite undergoing naturalization?
  142. Non-Swiss B-p holder marries non-EU non-permit holder
  143. Visa/permit expires shortly before leaving the country for good
  144. Not having job jet
  145. EU Citizen, B permit holder, working (paid only with commissions) possible or not?
  146. Zürich. C permit. Naturalisation
  147. Living in CH but continuing to work in London
  148. work permit for traineeship - questions
  149. Australian Study German in Switzerland
  150. My journey to marry a Swiss fiancée
  151. up to date tips on swiss nationality test - canton Vaud
  152. Foreigner marrying Swiss: basic questions
  153. Working in UK/resident in Switzerland
  154. How far ahead can I deregister?
  155. Dual residence permits
  156. Dependent Visa Extension
  157. EU - Permit B: Migration Office need friends' Rental Contract
  158. B permit non EU renewal issues
  159. C permit renewal when history of RAV
  160. after 3 years, attempting to return
  161. AVS paper needed but confused
  162. US citizen getting married to Swiss citizen then moving to CH - procedure?
  163. Radiation of poursuites
  164. B-permit question
  165. Is a work permit an authorization
  166. G Permit - Permanent EC residence - Non EU Citizen
  167. Pursuing a claim to citizenship if birth was not registered in Switzerland?
  168. Marriage outside CH and then re-unification
  169. What kind of "criminal record" do they want to see?
  170. Non EU married to non-Eu resident, can she work?
  171. Switching jobs with L permit [Non-EU]
  172. B to C permit. Unemployed in Basel Stadt
  173. Moving!!
  174. Reference contacts for naturalisation
  175. A1 Certificate [EU Social Security Legislation Form]
  176. Apartment requirements for dependent permit
  177. Permanent move as a student (Non-EU)
  178. Work Permit Applications 2 year L to a B
  179. RAV & Notice period
  180. Permit is here!
  181. Visa als Praktikant
  182. Permit B extension for EU national complications
  183. Should I apply? [Naturalisation]
  184. My B Permit application experience
  185. EU citizen, B permit holder, lost job, non claiming for benefits, can I stay?
  186. Address change EU B Permit
  187. Get RAV on B permit & reason for leaving?
  188. NewBorn Child Registration and Passport - Indian
  189. Dependent L visa to Work permit
  190. Residence permit, work matters, is Switzerland right for us?
  191. Is existing Non EU L to B Quota conversion subject to Quotas
  192. Coming up: Swiss Passport, Police interview and my personal life..!
  193. Demand of 900 CHF from Civil office for Birthcertificate
  194. B to C transition for Americans
  195. Can I start work without work permit? timing?
  196. Swiss Citizen considering US Citizenship - pro's / con's / experience
  197. US B1/B2 Visa application
  198. simplified naturalisation - erste unterredung
  199. B permit renewal - 2nd to 3rd Year Challenges
  200. Family reunification - Non Married
  201. Non-EU, graduate L permit, job in another canton, relocation.
  202. Swiss nationality: pros and cons
  203. Is it possible to have 2 part time work permits as a non-EU L permit dependent?
  204. Request for family reunion you are invited for an interview.
  205. Mistake in issued VISA?
  206. Non-EU C-Permit application through Vinta (2 years break in EU)
  207. Non-EU Student Visa
  208. Visitor Visa Extension
  209. Marriage and birth certificate question (B-permit)
  210. Different Signatures on New Passport and B Permit
  211. experience with B permit via family reunification
  212. run-over of B permit quota for non-EU
  213. What options does an American have?
  214. US Congress to vote on new visa waiver restrictions.
  215. Non-EU B Permit - Changing Jobs
  216. Help needed! Thank you in anticipation
  217. For Renewing B Type Visa, Showing Your Salary as a Student
  218. German visa required or not for interns in Germany
  219. UK Passport renewal
  220. WGZimmer and applying for a B permit in Winterthur/Zurich
  221. US Congress wants to tie passport to IRS fines
  222. EU-2, good job offer, risk of work permit rejection
  223. Need help figuring out visa situation
  224. UK Passport for kids
  225. Seeking work in another canton on a spousal L permit
  226. Thinking about moving to Switzerland again
  227. Looking for Non-EU Student Visa info for Geneva
  228. Change of job after 2.5 years in Zurich
  229. Mandatory electrical inspection--what are they looking for?
  230. Graduating PhD, non-EU, 1 month permit gap
  231. Running a business with L permit (3rd country L permit )
  232. Permit
  233. Permit processing
  234. Work permit requires three years work experience post-graduation?
  235. Thread Split: Asylum permit denied - questions
  236. Legality of suppressed firearms
  237. When is the country's Quota checked?
  238. contract and b permit will expire soon, definetely want to stay
  239. new tourist VISA requirements after Paris attacks !?
  240. Going from Permit B to Carte de legitimation
  241. Waffenerwerbsschein [Weapons certificate]- Police Interview in Zug
  242. B permit reception process
  243. Legalisation/Apostille for birth certificate
  244. Would claiming unemployment benefit affect B permit renewal or upgrade to C permit?
  245. New swiss naturalization law and the process
  246. Help pls! Need to deregister in Switzerland
  247. Canton shopping for a passport
  248. Overstaying in CH more than 90 days without Residence permit
  249. Trainee contract
  250. Question about permits