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  1. What constitutes permanent residence
  2. Is it possible to get back my citizenship and permanent residence?
  3. C permit for family?
  4. US Citz--Type D for long vacation
  5. Permit C (applying before b expires, Polish citizen)
  6. Help with B permit, self-employment and accounting in Lausanne
  7. [non EU] My work permit was denied due to not having a degree. Anything I can do?
  8. Working permit for internships during studies
  9. Residing in Switzerland without gainful activity
  10. Putting B Permit on Hold
  11. Convert B non-EU to EU. Possible?
  12. Picking up National Visa D in France (US citizen)
  13. EU-citizen, L-permit to expire, then?
  14. Visa Experts
  15. Cooling-off period for B permit ?
  16. Searching for work while engaged to a Swiss citizen
  17. C permits
  18. Swiss passport
  19. Marriage between EU national (CDL holder) and US national (tourist)
  20. Documents needed for marriage
  21. Marriage for a foreign residence-permit holder and a tourist
  22. which Canton should use its quota to issue No-Eu work poermit?
  23. Exchange to Switzerland
  24. Current Permit Quotas for Zurich?
  25. Happy - from citizenship-less to being Swiss
  26. Moving to Zurich - with teenagers
  27. Non-EU B permit - child to turn 18
  28. Residency for eu people with independent means
  29. Converting work permit to dependent permit
  30. Freelancing while on a student visa (language school)
  31. Travel to Switzerland to marry
  32. Work Permit Confusions and transparency
  33. How long does it take for a C permit?
  34. Married to a Swiss: entry requirements (non-EU)
  35. Henna and biometrics in zurich
  36. Family Reunification Police Clearance Record
  37. L Stagiaire Permit to L or B Permit Conversion Non EU
  38. B Permits for kids studying in the UK
  39. Swiss Passports for my kids
  40. Canton change - any reason to be rejected?
  41. Long stay visa approved- but not in passport yet
  42. Resigning from job with sponsored B permit: How long can I stay?
  43. Spouse of a Swiss expat
  44. Visa woes - Can my non-EU husband automatically gain dependent status?
  45. Question about mahnung, betreibungsdokument and payments...
  46. Permit L not delivered in Lausanne
  47. Student visa reject for financial reason??!
  48. Pregnant and work contract finishing
  49. Visa for spouse of an intern in ILO or UN
  50. Traveling from Italy or Germany to Pakistan with Swiss Permit B?
  51. Travelling abroad while the permit still in process?
  52. Tips and watch-outs to receive a permit for a nanny from the EU
  53. Obtaining a B-permit without a university degree
  54. Do I need a permit?
  55. B Permit
  56. Homeless on B permit?
  57. Dual Canadian citizens require CDN passport to enter Canada
  58. B permit question
  59. Another marriage question
  60. Indian passport new born baby
  61. Changing Municipality (Gemeinde) With L Permit?
  62. Non-EU Master student - work permit for master thesis
  63. Work Permit possibilities with a bachelor degree from a foreign EU country?
  64. UVG for B permit holder temporarily without job. Compulsory or not?
  65. US Citizen - Work Visa/Tax Implication questions
  66. IV disability insurance and permit renewal
  67. Hiring a Swiss Citizen for a US based company
  68. EU ID short/long stay
  69. Getting a Work Permit After Graduation (For students who study here)
  70. Work/Dependent Visa Query Non-EU
  71. Can EU citizens get a L/B permit with a part-time job?
  72. Lost my B permit, due to start new job
  73. Non EU C permit - change of taxation
  74. Registration office - Vaud
  75. Work permit and the official address
  76. Work Permit for Switzerland
  77. Permit B expires while out of country!
  78. Need Criminal Clearance from the U.S.
  79. C permit
  80. C Permit Status
  81. Can I enter Switzerland with my new passport and valid permit?
  82. EU Citizen studying in Geneva while living in France
  83. Does a non-EU ETHZ graduate have any chance to find a job in Switzerland?
  84. VIntA law: Source please
  85. In desperate need of help regarding B permit rules for newly arrived PhD students
  86. B permit only valid 4 months??
  87. coming to europe after deregistration from a gemeinde
  88. 23 years old L permit in Zurich
  89. Permit c rules for retired
  90. L1 Dependent to Student Permit ( with Canton Change )
  91. C-Permit after 5 years as PhD student?
  92. Application for Early C Permit (Non EU National)
  93. 1 yr contract, EU, L to B permit possible?
  94. Study Visa and "Ermächtigung zur Visumerteilung"
  95. EU National & Non EU Spouse Visa Questions
  96. Changing student L permit to a student B permit
  97. Student Visa still pending
  98. pension entitlement
  99. Actual Integration Questions in Integrationsgespräch
  100. EU national living in LatinAmerica with NONEU wife
  101. Non-EU and EU marriage - both holders of Carte de Légitimation
  102. From EU, Hired by CH company allowing remote work, where should i live?
  103. Questions on non EU work permit and visa process
  104. Taking a break while on Chomage
  105. Non-EU Married to Swiss Citizen, Moving
  106. Parents birth certificate when register a new born (Zurich)
  107. Non-EU C permit for a married couple
  108. EU (C permit) + non EU couple wants to engage -> Permit ?
  109. Dependent visa for an EU citizen?
  110. Mailing personal items from abroad to CH - form 18.44
  111. Ophthalmologist check for the change of drive license
  112. Receiving wife's D visa in time
  113. Work permit sent by mail, not received
  114. Canton change on conversion from L to B permit
  115. UK citizen, expat contract, L permit. Any chance to change to B Permit
  116. B-permit partner allowed to work- job offer issues
  117. Self employment while being employed
  118. Permit conversion and working
  119. changing my 5 year B permit to a C permit
  120. Language requirements for the new Jan 2018 naturalization process
  121. Family Reunification timeline
  122. Buying a car abroad
  123. Expat Impact - Need to maintain flat in CH while abroad?
  124. How long can I be absent with C-permit
  125. What is a "Verfallsanzeige"?
  126. Possible to renew L permit for a second year, if...
  127. Applying for a short stay visa from Denmark to Switzerland
  128. Non EU: from L permit to new one with different contract
  129. Travelling within Schengen on a cruise... multiple entry or not?
  130. L permit and chomage. Am I totally screwed?
  131. Tourism timeframe following L-type
  132. Question concerning family visas, unemployment benefit, moving to Zurich, ETH Zurich
  133. Visa Situation for a person who has a Swiss Uni Diploma
  134. Maintaining a C permit while abroad
  135. Non-EU Early C Permit -Bern Approval Duration
  136. Renewal of B permit when not currently working
  137. Post Brexit Dilemma
  138. Fired unexpectedly: visa and chomage
  139. quitting an internship with L permit
  140. Moving to Oberwil from Basel Stadt - tax question
  141. importing personal belongings
  142. Vaud or Lausanne commune
  143. A 3-month Swiss tourist visa but need to go to Spain
  144. Evidence of financial resourses of the applicant
  145. Updated processing times for non-EU B permits
  146. Swiss Citizenship for children (not parents)
  147. Applying for Irish dual-citizenship [British] ?
  148. Student 6 month L permit
  149. Relocating to Graubuenden (Engadin)
  150. Family Reunion visa
  151. Forms for the Caisse de Chomage for unemployment benefit
  152. Leaving CH - timings of deregistration & work contract end
  153. Moving to Switzerland
  154. How to tell if I'm on a "restricted" or "open" B permit?
  155. when should i register in my new kanton?
  156. Australian - Switzerland
  157. non EU-permits
  158. Moving Canton with restricted B permit
  159. International travel while waiting for residence permit (non-EU spouse)
  160. Help!! Advice needed on passport application in Vaud
  161. Citizenship/Naturalization of a swiss born child
  162. Work Visa Processing Time (work permit pre-approved)
  163. How to pay taxes on monthly regular income as consultant for non CH based company?
  164. Work Permit for US Citizens
  165. Marriage reunification visa. Urgent advice needed.
  166. Living in Swiss while waiting for resident permit
  167. Permit for a EU national?
  168. Anyone got documents with Apostille from Zug?
  169. Travel Documents: Canadian living in CH going to Spain
  170. Visa D processing time in Canton AG
  171. B permit - up-to-date processing times?
  172. L Permit / Job Change
  173. is C permit valid after deregistration if it is not cancelled by gemeinde?
  174. Working as trainee or FTE in Switzerland during correspondence course
  175. Travelling with B permit to UK
  176. Canton Vaud allows your personal data to be given out for free!
  177. Can a refugee with traveling documents issued in Italy work in Switzerland?
  178. how to maintain a B-permit after leaving
  179. leaving switzerland, can I still use the bank account
  180. Extension of a B permit - non EU
  181. Renew B permit
  182. From carte de legitimation to a Student Permit B [Non-EU]
  183. Maintaining Permit C without 'Aufrechterhaltung'
  184. EU L Permit questions
  185. Citizenship test in Canton Zurich
  186. Seeking advice for dealing with significant visa overstay
  187. Had my Swiss ID card stolen in London
  188. Can I keep my C permit
  189. CDL / Ci Permit - spouse working and remaining in Geneva
  190. Interesting permit situation
  191. Switch from student visa to full time working permit
  192. Extending Student Permit - graduation gap
  193. Carrying Your Residence Permit With You
  194. Advice needed for visa / permit process of family reunification (US to CH)
  195. Visa/work permit
  196. Dependent B permit clarification
  197. Vaud - non-EU B -> C Permit Conversion after 10years
  198. EU Citizen- Self-Inflicted Unemployment - Residence Permit/ Benefits
  199. C-permit for married couples
  200. Student visa for Australians
  201. Application letter for C permit [Bern]
  202. Visa Application Procedure for Work Permit
  203. Working visa for croatian citizens
  204. Permit when moving from one EU nation to another
  205. American on L - Contract terminated - Contract obligations
  206. C Permits
  207. Married for 6 years, do we have to wait 5 more years?
  208. 90 days in 30 mnths out ? What about a border run ?
  209. Family reunion
  210. I am leaving the country, should my 18 year old leave too?
  211. Size of the apartment - family reunion permit refused
  212. UK Power of Attorney acceptable to Swiss notaire?
  213. Brexit voting
  214. Overspeeding effect on Passport/Permit C request
  215. Non EU with EU unmarried partner move to Zurich - Permit advice needed!
  216. No living-permit during 90 days work permit?
  217. Married To French CItizen and moving to Geneva
  218. Questions for people who applied for a Swiss Passport
  219. I had a work visa
  220. Lost/Stolen Meldebestatigung - can duplicate be requested?
  221. Partner permit for non-eu
  222. Assistance Student Visa Motivation Essay
  223. Information required: Investor Visa
  224. Reentering to Schegen area with L permit
  225. EU Student - Mandatory Internship different Kanton
  226. non-EU B to open B after canton change?
  227. Moving from canton luzern to canton schwyz
  228. C permit and carte de legitimisation
  229. Swiss newspaper wants to hear your naturalization story
  230. Signature certification (Lausanne)
  231. Convert dependent B-Permit to student visa
  232. Permanent employee, L permit, change of employer
  233. Can a French company issue Swiss work contracts?
  234. Time for L to B conversion
  235. Help..Permit Denied what do I do?
  236. Open B Permit - WFH for company in India
  237. Work permit card - how long after registration?
  238. EU-national, can I apply for C permit after 5 years as PhD?
  239. Permit Parking Centre Geneva
  240. Chronicling the Swiss citizenship process
  241. Permit B question for Non-European.
  242. PhD completion / Job Search Visa / Non EU
  243. Non-EU/120 days work permit
  244. attestation of financial resources
  245. Non-EU Student permit years limit?
  246. ORP support to a non working spouse
  247. B-Permit Duration and Marriage
  248. B permit holder - marriage
  249. Tourist 3 month time
  250. Deregistered too soon