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  1. First two years with L permit
  2. B permit travel
  3. Non EU C permit application rejected; need legal advice
  4. Non-EU: student B permit (mit Erwerbstätigkeit) to regular work permit in same canton
  5. Any non EU person been able to obtain a b permit by showing financial sufficiency?
  6. Immigration lawyer, what are your experiences?
  7. Non EU student permit quota?
  8. Which [permit office to apply - ZH]
  9. B-Permit holder traveling to Sweden tomorrow. Can't find permit card.
  10. Naturalisation - what happens at cantonal and federal level?
  11. Fine for not participating in community election
  12. C permit
  13. Swiss building code
  14. Reseting the 180 day period
  15. Miss typo in the passport...
  16. Citizenship, years in international school not counted double?
  17. Help [change from tourist to student visa]
  18. CDL to C Permit/Citizenship
  19. B Permit expiring
  20. L permit and self employment
  21. work in medical field
  22. First time registration - Birth certificate
  23. L Permit Application before entry
  24. Question about the switching dependent VISA (B permit)
  25. Busking Europe Tourist Visa, Help.
  26. How long does it take to receive the B-permit?
  27. 5cm x 5cm foto Indian visa rejected
  28. Company dissolved - Permit B
  29. Permit and Visas for partnership
  30. I am desperate for informations!
  31. Working in Language schools - questions about working permit
  32. Renew Permit C / B when both no longer work before retirement ages
  33. anyone applied for Swiss Citizenship Art 31. b?
  34. Looking to move to Switzerland
  35. Entry to europe VIA Paris on swiss L permit
  36. US Green Card Wait for Interview in Bern
  37. Visa for a Swiss citizen with Indian passport
  38. Complicated student visa question 🤔
  39. Taxation of US earnings?
  40. moving to basel (UK citizen) / US fiancee
  41. Prematurely Permit C requested
  42. ergänzungsleistungen - UK conributions
  43. EU Student rental proof for Residence permit
  44. C Permit - leaving temporarily
  45. Forgot to cancel appointment at german embassy :(
  46. Completing the initial naturalisation document for commune
  47. adult student visa?
  48. Moving to Switzerland for work while having a Syrian Passport
  49. Traveling abroad without permit
  50. Dependent Visa for Family
  51. Changing NonEU L permit to a non tied B permit
  52. Italian language test for Ticino for C permit (UK citizen)?
  53. Permit B Pensioner with EU passport in Vaud
  54. Schengen Visa Application
  55. L permit for a longer contract
  56. Getting a permit without an address (by one day)
  57. Family reunification (Student)
  58. L permit for EU/EFTA (EU-2) with permanent contract
  59. Swiss reunification (over 18 years old)
  60. Early Permit C processing time at federal level - 2017
  61. Time to receive passport after US visa approved
  62. English speaking lawyer-Bern
  63. Gun storage
  64. How I got my C permit (Non-EU)
  65. Applying for Tourist visa for France at Geneva Consulate
  66. Non EU-resident permit not received yet before job offer starts
  67. Is there a way to get any information directly from the cantonal regarding B Permit
  68. How likely to settle here
  69. British/Non EU Moving To Swiss - Visa and Permit
  70. Preparing for marriage in Zurich/Birth Certificate
  71. Appeal for Student Visa
  72. departure? permit B
  73. Traveling to work for 12 months on B permit
  74. L to other permits
  75. Uni Graduate Interning/working in Europe?
  76. Migration Report
  77. Is Indian Tourist VISA needed for foreigners?
  78. Going to CH as a tourist while you have an unfinished application for permit B
  79. Which office in Lausanne to check on visa applications?
  80. Time for EU citizen to obtain work permit?
  81. Schengen Tourist Visa for Iranians
  82. Swiss Citizen/ non-EU spouse
  83. Relocation to Basel
  84. My swiss visa student delayed !!
  85. Master's studies, non-EU student, 6 months waiting period, work permit?
  86. Change of Canton - C Permit - Non EU
  87. Minimum salary for visa approval
  88. verfallsanzeige -- Can I find it on the web
  89. potential loss of US citizenship
  90. NONEU GERMANY to Switzerland, I.T guy, is it possible ?
  91. Refusal in work permit?
  92. Douane retrospective border control
  93. C Permit and accepting non Swiss work contract?
  94. Son going to UK Uni
  95. Extending the B: C or seeking job L permit
  96. Can commune extend minimum residency in CH requirement for citizenship?
  97. Help contacting immigration
  98. Indian Passport renewal - Experience
  99. ergänzungsleistungen and free dental care
  100. Early Permit C - Interview
  101. Do international companies in Geneva help their new workers with getting work permit?
  102. Taking longer than 14 days to register with Canton for Permit
  103. Dependent L permit Non-EU working query
  104. Resident permit non EU
  105. Resident Permit B application
  106. Do rules for permits vary by canton?
  107. Unemployment insurance ALV
  108. Requirements for Registering in Basel
  109. language rules for C permit
  110. Student Visum
  111. Non-EU citizen permit options. Help needed!
  112. Getting a new German passport... or trying to...
  113. Visa/Visum D, entry from EU country - stamp?
  114. Residence Confusion for EU/US Dual Citizen
  115. Work permit for Syrian nationals
  116. Spouse Indian dependent VISA for B permit holder
  117. Help! redundancy.
  118. Tricky question – Potential B permit for EU partner - Zurich
  119. C permit rules for non EU other than Zurich canton
  120. Extending B Permit for non-EU
  121. eu passport looking for work visa
  122. Asking about permission to organize a bazaar market to raise fund of a charity ORG
  123. Student Visa For An American - Can it be obtained in the Switzerland?
  124. Non-EU student B permit - expiration process?
  125. Student Visa Funding question
  126. British Citizenship via Spouse from CH - possible?
  127. Non-EU L, made redundant, hired elsewhere, approved for a few months
  128. au pair for longer stay?
  129. Asking for C settlement permit for non-EU citizents (canton Zürich/canton Aargau)
  130. Self employed for restrictes B permit
  131. Different cantonal migration office and cantonal residence
  132. They both can't be right. Can they?
  133. Non-EU Student Visa
  134. MINIMUM AMOUNT FOR PERMIT B without gainful employment
  135. Tricky registered partnership situation
  136. Marriage registration and D Visa verification in India
  137. List of things to do before moving your family to Switzerland
  138. Residence permit for non-EU citizens (CERN PhD student)
  139. residense/work permit for Albanians
  140. H1B visa Administrative Processing 221g
  141. Tricky Marriage Situation with Expired Visa
  142. Orderly Naturalisation - What Next And When
  143. C permit
  144. Residence permit for wife
  145. First UK Passport for son
  146. Open B Permit - how long without a job?
  147. Multi Entry Visa Valid only for CH
  148. Time from approval to receiving documents?
  149. Renewals subject to quotas?
  150. Change of Employer - B Permit (Spoke to Bern Immigration Office)
  151. facilitated naturalization - Swiss mother, lost my citizenship at age 22
  152. Foreign Marriage issue
  153. EU unmarried partner
  154. Updated Processing Times for Non-EU B-Permit
  155. Registration at Migration and Fremdenpolizei
  156. Zulassungcode and Permit Type
  157. dependent visa for adult son?
  158. Please guide me
  159. Work with Permit to stay Type "L"
  160. What is the permit for A non-EU couple, one in Basel the other in Germany?
  161. Residence registration .staying with friend
  162. Work permit for non-EU with EU citizen spouse with no job
  163. Another Permit/divorce thread but the question is different this time!
  164. Actual wait times for D Visa - non-EU
  165. stay in Italy with Swiss B-Permit?
  166. Received Authorization, now Visa Stamping
  167. Postdoc - Permis B - need to apply as student???
  168. Family reunification on L permit(non-EU)
  169. US citizen moving to Zug with boyfriend who has a C permit
  170. Permit B renewal
  171. Marriage and Family reunification visa response time
  172. Work Permision
  173. Moving cantons on an EU B Permit
  174. Family reunion VISA - Applied from India
  175. Non EU Cohabitation Visa with EU in Basel
  176. Student visa application in India
  177. Work permit for EU/UK Citizen?
  178. UK DBS check and CH "Certificate of good conduct"
  179. Temporary absence (C permit) formalities for Canton Geneva
  180. Permit for US citiens and also EU citizens
  181. Swiss work permit
  182. Short Term Stay Impact on Residence Permit
  183. sticky situation
  184. Is the Visa D stamp for Switzerland valid for travel to Schengen?
  185. Naturalization in Gemeinde Horgen
  186. Non EU, contract with UN (carte legitimation H) - what about my spouse?
  187. Fiancee Visa requirements marrying Filipina
  188. study visa visa free gratis any idea
  189. Reactivate C Permit
  190. EU-2 citizen divorce after 4 years
  191. Startup Visa Zurich
  192. EU citizen living in France working in Geneva
  193. B permit (with activities) only valid for a short-term
  194. Student Visa - Interview Questions
  195. Canton change with B and work permit
  196. How many days to stay in the country?
  197. Advice on which permit to apply for
  198. Marriage in Swizteland - US Citizen to Swiss Citizen
  199. Need Help with Family Reunion
  200. Student staying over 90 days on British passport
  201. Non-EU-Working spouse has L permit, non-working spouse has B permit
  202. Swiss family reunion - Documents legalisation - Translation
  203. EU Citizen Work Permit application - live and work in different cantons
  204. Left Switzerland and want to get Permit C back
  205. Self Employed
  206. Non-EU Graduate with Questions :)
  207. Visa processing time
  208. How long a non EU unemployed citizen with B permit can stay in Zurich?
  209. Resident permit for Study visa
  210. Permit for foreign mother of a Swiss child
  211. Non EU with Swiss baby and Swiss babbymomma. What are my options?
  212. French or German
  213. An Australian would like to get permanent residency in Switzerland
  214. Starting a street vending cart
  215. Applying D Visa for Phd Student and Research Assistant position from India
  216. visa for spouse if i am a phd student at ETHZ
  217. Non-EU B Permit
  218. Do I need to show B permit when I leave Switzerland?
  219. Duplicate/Replacement Residence Permit
  220. Passport for "F" permit
  221. Another visa story.. (graduate non-EU and PhD EU)
  222. Swiss passport holder but never lived in Switzerland
  223. Shiny clean new passport. D Visa in old passport. Problem?
  224. Permit processing time
  225. Facilitated naturalization from outside CH - questions
  226. L Permit to B Permit transition period - overseas travel?
  227. Help wanted for renewing B permit in Basel
  228. Naturalization application - Certificate of Bachelorhood
  229. Question Regarding B Permit Extension
  230. Moving to another canton permit B (EU)
  231. Change of gemeinde
  232. B permit while studying is counted for VINTA?
  233. inviting aunt and family
  234. Sponsoring my nephew
  235. Fined for applying for a B permit
  236. Spouse Visa- financial means (Non-EU)
  237. Work permit from india
  238. Swiss court order in French, help needed with translation
  239. Advantage of Early / Anticipated Permit C
  240. Swiss L Permit and D Visa
  241. Visa for PHD student and Research Assistant
  242. Study resources for Swiss geography, politics and history?
  243. My fiancé visa got rejected AGAIN in Zurich! Help!
  244. EU, Permanent contract and B permit?
  245. Swiss passport for my child
  246. Non EU German Blue card holder applying for Swiss Work Permit
  247. Non EU / L Permit / New Employer / Contract Outsourced to Job Agency
  248. Aussie couple lookimg to move to Switzerland
  249. Sejour aupres du concubin/dependent permit in Geneva, UK couple non married
  250. Swiss equivalent of consultant doctor in uk