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  1. B permit while studying is counted for VINTA?
  2. inviting aunt and family
  3. Sponsoring my nephew
  4. Fined for applying for a B permit
  5. Spouse Visa- financial means (Non-EU)
  6. Work permit from india
  7. Swiss court order in French, help needed with translation
  8. Advantage of Early / Anticipated Permit C
  9. Swiss L Permit and D Visa
  10. Visa for PHD student and Research Assistant
  11. Study resources for Swiss geography, politics and history?
  12. My fiancé visa got rejected AGAIN in Zurich! Help!
  13. EU, Permanent contract and B permit?
  14. Swiss passport for my child
  15. Non EU German Blue card holder applying for Swiss Work Permit
  16. Non EU / L Permit / New Employer / Contract Outsourced to Job Agency
  17. Aussie couple lookimg to move to Switzerland
  18. Sejour aupres du concubin/dependent permit in Geneva, UK couple non married
  19. Swiss equivalent of consultant doctor in uk
  20. Living in Switzerland / working abroad on a B permit
  21. Permit B Quarterly Quotas - Dates?
  22. Type D Family Reunification Visa - Lease Duration?
  23. Living in canton Zurich, working in Liechtenstein
  24. Moving apartment while waiting for permit
  25. application for language visa ch
  26. "D" VISA process timing
  27. Change EU C to non EU C
  28. Schengen Visa C for non EU
  29. Can a B-permit holder have two homes; in and out of Switzerland?
  30. Change employer holding a non-EU B permit
  31. second time applying for student visa
  32. Non-EU expecting child with EU/swiss resident, advice on permits??
  33. Getting EU Passport in the middle of B Permit
  34. online D visa application?
  35. Immegration requiring A2 language certificate. Urgent help required please
  36. US visa interview
  37. Switzerlanded lol
  38. Non EU-Citizen Working in Germany and studying in Switzerland
  39. Working in Switzerland but living in France - is it possible for non-citizens
  40. Work in Switzerland, but live in UK?
  41. Swiss Grandmother. Citizenship Process?
  42. Work permit application for Non EU refused - tips needed
  43. Is "C" Permit linked to living or working in CH?
  44. L work permit to student permit for US citizen
  45. Early C - Motivation Letter & Criteria of Integration
  46. Permit B's and EU preferential treatment?
  47. US Citizen able to work in Switzerland while living in Germany?
  48. The second year extension of L permit
  49. Residence permit registration
  50. My work permit extention form not come yet
  51. Short Term Rental- do I need to register at Gemeinde?
  52. Swiss & Israeli wife, both resident London, moving Zurich
  53. UK national moving to Switzerland with non-married partner?
  54. UK visa_family appointment
  55. C permit for a child of Swiss national
  56. Visa D or B and family reunification!
  57. B-permit. Is it transferable?
  58. Pls someone adv. Visa and bpermit
  59. facilitated naturalisation interview questions?
  60. 4 week B permit process: too long?
  61. Visa Permit B validity after expiry
  62. Work Permit for Nanny
  63. Which man has lower chance of being kicked out?
  64. Swiss Passport for Non-EU
  65. Non EU / L Permit / Extension 1 going on extension 2
  66. Work Permit Application
  67. Have I got the wrong permit?
  68. Advice needed on US visa H1b
  69. UK equivalent of Betreibungsauskunft (attestation de l’office des poursuites)?
  70. Must Register in the first 14 days but only with long term contract????
  71. My partner is moving to France (ferney Voltaire) , is it gonna cause me problem?
  72. Student visa as a boyfriend of a Swiss
  73. B Permit - same canto residency restriction?
  74. worth changing passport for B permit?
  75. Same sex partner in Switzerland
  76. Non EU permit
  77. Swiss to limit Romanian, Bulgarian workers to stem migrant flow
  78. Work Permit/Student Visa
  79. Student Visa
  80. L permit / Non-Eu / unemployed / offered contract with new company
  81. Geneva residence
  82. Quick German language assessment/test
  83. Dependent Wife having B permit options if main appliant having C permit is no more
  84. Non EU -Dependent B to Independent B
  85. Non-EU moving to switzerland for work - what options are there
  86. Swiss Citizenship - do i need to do a language speaking test
  87. Internship for 2 months from NON-EU
  88. Changing B permit to C
  89. Non-EU B permit -> C permit in Geneva
  90. Swiss contract, but no activities in Switzerland : Working permit or not ?
  91. Permission to work for non-EU spouse
  92. Student Visa
  93. L permit for job seeking
  94. Help needed on reapplying
  95. Permit L - NO TAX FROM SALARY?
  96. Advice for visa invitation letter needed
  97. Non EU Work Status
  98. Internship in Zurich, how to register if stay at friend's place
  99. Conversion of driving licenses
  100. Bwz sprachstandanalyse
  101. Looking for schooling as a Canadian
  102. Can I start a business with depended L permit?
  103. Family reunification
  104. Apprenticeships without Permit in Switzerland
  105. B or C permit what is best
  106. Transit Visa ?
  107. CH Parents / Non CH daughter
  108. Visa with work permit
  109. Driving Licence
  110. British Graduate
  111. why was my b permit renewed for 2 years?
  112. Application for C permit (Non EU& USA)
  113. Process for Family Reunification (EU Citizen)
  114. Can I start working without the permit?
  115. How to keep your C permit alive for a year living abroad?
  116. C Permit - where do I get the documents
  117. No Permit in Geneva for 8 years
  118. how long out on dependant B permit
  119. applying for c permit
  120. UK visa non-EU/UK child of UK citizen??
  121. Non-EU Relative joining EU spouse question
  122. New cantonal residence requirements for regular naturalisation?
  123. C permit for foreign student?
  124. Questions re L permits: renewals, wealth requirements
  125. Registration and work Permit L
  126. Living in Switzerland and Working in France
  127. Non-EU -after 6 Years in Switzerland
  128. C permit
  129. So after I register in Zurich as a newbie...
  130. EU permit registration: how long is the wait before I can start work?
  131. Dependent B permit Non-EU working query
  132. EU permit setting up GmbH
  133. Schengen Requirements For Non-EU Spouse
  134. Non EU, studying in EU, Visa requirements
  135. No debt certificate
  136. American seeking C permit
  137. Visa D type
  138. Lost my permit B but still have my passport
  139. How does SEM take to give a decision on B Permit
  140. Can I move to Switzerland immediately after marrying my Swiss fiance?
  141. Renewing "B" residence permit before international travel
  142. What german level is required to get Permit C in Schwyz?
  143. C permit, RAV UK national
  144. Best way to get a Green Card
  145. Transit visa
  146. B permit made redundant, changing cantons?
  147. residence visa for mother and sister non EU
  148. divorce after naturalisation
  149. Non EU / Unemployment tied to permit?
  150. Translation from German to English of Swiss Divorce Decree
  151. Keeping B Permit Without Marriage. Advice Please
  152. Moving back - Visas for wife and mother-in-law
  153. UK Nationals and C visa language requirements
  154. Switch status from tourist visa to ???
  155. Why did Swiss custom officials treat me like an under human?
  156. Geburtschein and Geburtsurkunde
  157. Becoming swiss because of marriage
  158. Will permit C expire?
  159. National Long Stay Type D Visa - American moved to be with Swiss spouse
  160. Question regarding new rules to obtain permit C
  161. Spouse's German classes mandatory on permit-B, does canton SG refund half of the fee?
  162. How long can you stay out of Switzerland before B permit becomes invalid
  163. Which insurance to be taken?
  164. Dependent Visa after dergisteration
  165. C permit application before expiration of B?
  166. B Permit Student leaving CH 6 months
  167. RAV with L permit and rolling contract
  168. Applying for citizenship while, before, or after moving Kanton.
  169. Reporting an assault
  170. Can a student work as a Freelancer?
  171. B permit renewal -"auszeit" with RAV
  172. Transit Visa in Moscow
  173. American Passport Renewal
  174. C-permit holder: living in CH and studying in Germany
  175. Applying for a C permit but I didn't work 5yrs nonstop
  176. Family reunification visa
  177. Attempting to Imigrate / In Love with a Swiss Gal
  178. Student Visa Singie Mother
  179. French/British Marriage - Zurich - Procedure
  180. Dependant permit
  181. Non-EU restricted B permit -> C permit in Vaud?
  182. renewing USA passport
  183. Freelancer in CH Paying into Italian INPS
  184. Internship Opprotunity for a Non-EU
  185. B Permit delays
  186. Where do i start?
  187. Facilitated Naturalization - Interview and other odds and ends
  188. Working for UN on C permit
  189. Company bankrupt shortly after receiving work permit
  190. Permit L Dependent
  191. Didn't get tax paperwork this year
  192. B Permit newly married :)
  193. Return/retire CH
  194. Moving and Permit Reprint
  195. Travelling with a newborn
  196. B permit
  197. Visa Expiring Before Residence Permit Arrives, Traveling this Weekend
  198. Immigrating from South Africa to Switzerland
  199. Apply concubinage visa as a non-EU citizon
  200. Custom made rules when hiring
  201. L to B for Non EU citizens
  202. New resident law in zurich
  203. Facilitated naturalization
  204. Non-EU Couple, permit options for spouse of Carte de Legitimation type H holder
  205. Early C Permit for a Doctoral Student?
  206. C permit authorisation of absence or maintain two homes?
  207. References for citizenship
  208. D visa expiry date
  209. Permit for my partner (non-EU)
  210. reise pass for non-eu wife
  211. Can EU national bring non EU spouse without residence permit or job?
  212. Time calculation for citizenship application?
  213. Is working in Switzerland and living in Germany a good idea?
  214. How to go about this situation? [EU wife joining non-EU husband studying in CH]
  215. Student Visa Processing
  216. Move during naturalization process
  217. work permit and visa for sabbatical non-EU
  218. Will I get a feedback from police station?
  219. EU citizen - permit based on several 'Nebenjobs' possible?
  220. UK citizen moving to Switzerland requirements?
  221. Naturalization in Graubünden/Grisons
  222. Permit B [EU Citizen]
  223. C permit renewal when unemployed
  224. L permit
  225. B1 German for C permit: GOETHE OR BULATS IS OK?
  226. Quick question regarding Residence Permit.
  227. Question about Swiss citizenship
  228. Sozialhilfe and Swiss citizen. .
  229. Headache... US citizen EU spouse
  230. Documents Required for B Permit After Marriage? Non-EU
  231. Conducting 1-day workshop in Sydney—visa options
  232. I'm 15, can I live in Switzerland?
  233. More than 1 jobs at the same time with L(B)
  234. Student Visa NON-EU (Indian)
  235. interrupted years counted towards C Permit
  236. Changing cantons, [naturalisation years] reset?
  237. C permit for non-EU 5 years in CH, 2 years on L
  238. Taxes on Scholarship
  239. Does C Permit still mean you're tied to your employer?
  240. Uk national 90 days in 180 day period
  241. Acquiring Swiss Citizenship Through Mother
  242. re-legalization of marriage certificate for family reunion visa
  243. Family reunionification questions
  244. L permit and no job
  245. Non-EU Frontalier Living in France, Working in Switzerland (Vaud)
  246. Non-EU master student visa to full time Visa
  247. Moving to Switzerland with my German wife
  248. Rental Issue(3 month notice required)
  249. Getting Married in and moving to Switzerland: NON EU
  250. Moving to Switzerland and opening a small company