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  1. 4 year olds b-day party
  2. BUPA Maternity cover - how many nights?
  3. Growth monitoring
  4. Mouse hand problems
  5. Asian double-eyelid surgery
  6. public hospitals in zurich area
  7. Taylor spatial frame
  8. International Middle School Vaud, Geneva
  9. Feedback on birthing at Triemli versus Universitatspital
  10. Anxiety meds?
  11. Getting Legal Help
  12. Civil Partnerships (PACS)
  13. 2.5 years old bite herself
  14. Unprofessional behaviour on behalf of therapists?
  15. How to become a childminder in Zurich?
  16. Experience dealing with ADHD/ADD in CH?
  17. walker / zimmer
  18. Danger of headache pills for children; Misplaced fever 'fear'
  19. Vaccines/Shots For Trip to India? Where Do I Go In Basel?
  20. Employer formal obligations: hiring a live-in Nanny in Switzerland
  21. Fasnacht +litties
  22. hair removal clinic nearby Luzern?
  23. Swiss Education System: Questions
  24. TFK vs Phil and Ted's or other - have an opinion?
  25. Zurich Breast Cancer Center - Comments / Recommendations ???
  26. Can anyone recommend a Physiotherapist in Luzern?
  27. [help wanted] Any advice on how to stop from loosing hair is greatly appreciated
  28. children [sex] education
  29. Martial arts for kids
  30. Measles outbreak in Geneva
  31. Whoops! Look what 'weave' got here then...
  32. Toddler's first accident
  33. Your opinion about daycare centers in Switzerland
  34. Babysitter in Bern - recommendations?
  35. Accutane in CH
  36. Haut-Lac or Champittet? Feedback on either school in the Vaud area?
  37. Where to do food stamp test?
  38. Allergist / Immunologist in Zurich
  39. GP in lausanne
  40. Therapy and counseling..
  41. Help! Anyone know anything about foyers or AI or social aid generally in Vaud?
  42. Designer baby born 11.11.11
  43. Second baby-new stroller or not new stroller...
  44. DETOX: Oil pulling, gall bladder detox
  45. Stroller/pram/buggy for two kids
  46. Has anyone had to self-diagnose Asperger's later in life?
  47. interviewing a parent
  48. Any tips for finding Nannies etc in Lausanne?
  49. Kinderkleiderbörse (Second hand kids clothes "swap")season is starting again
  50. Züriclean - a professional cleaning company in Zurich and Zug
  51. registered partnership example contract?
  52. Where/How to issue a formal complaint against a doctor (Lausanne)
  53. Family life or career? Whats more important to you?
  54. Magician, entertainer for kids birthday(Geneva Area)
  55. Urgently looking for krippe, tagesmutter, nanny etc. in Zurich
  56. Invisalign treatment (dental braces) in or near Basel?
  57. Pediatric Opthamologist in Basel
  58. Is annual gynaecological check-up free with medical insurance?
  59. Urgent--Dentist reference thanks
  60. unwanted advice from in-laws
  61. When to stop working when pregnant
  62. Divorce
  63. Meals for 4 year old at school
  64. Church Blessing for Church of England
  65. Good Kinderkrippe in Kreis 3??
  66. Experience with Swiss schools in the Veveyse district
  67. Good OB for high risk pregnancy
  68. Looking for (English speaking)Rheumatologist for Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  69. State Kindergarten in Zug?
  70. Rate your Childs state Swiss school using the below poll below
  71. Emergency network
  72. Spanish speakers schooling in Bern
  73. Nr Basel - Market for kids toys and accessories
  74. Moving away when heavily pregnant? (Last trimester)
  75. Child Allowance - what documents do you need to submit when parents are not marriedi
  76. SanteRomande - website in French about health
  77. English (or Italian) speaking paediatrician in Munchenstein (BL)
  78. Looking for English speaking Paediatrician in Rolle
  79. Looking for other future moms in Lausanne
  80. Kita/crèche in Berne?
  81. I need your advices to divorce my swiss husband
  82. working conditions of a live in nanny
  83. Back dating Swiss child benefit
  84. Inheritance Law Question
  85. Personalised Birthday Invites - company recommendation
  86. English programs, teaching, Lausanne
  87. Help with dentist in basel.
  88. Pregnancy planning - insurance advice
  89. <Pls help> Married in CH but divorcing in U.S.
  90. Professional Photographer needed 16.04.11
  91. Premmie Syndrome.Can premature kids have a list of "problems" that deserve a title?
  92. Labor pain management
  93. Possible broken toe: worth hobbling to the doctor's?
  94. Legal Aid - Spouse Support / Maintenance
  95. Orthopedist in Zurich
  96. foreign languages in Vaud public schools
  97. Pediatrician in Schaffhausen
  98. how to get rid of syringes.
  99. ZIS experience?
  100. Where to find an english speaking pediatric dentist [Zurich]
  101. pediatrician in lausanne
  102. Who's starting a diet with me?
  103. English language parenting journal, Mothering Matters
  104. Childcare in Rafz
  105. Relocating from UK to Geneva Area... School Questions Need help!
  106. English alanon meeting in zurich
  107. Taking baby up the moutains...questions???
  108. How to get medical (MRT scans) records from Hospital?
  109. Sinus Lift
  110. Surrogate Grandmothers
  111. Do you know a good English speaking admin. in Lausanne schools?
  112. Home fitness equipment
  113. English Playgroup in Biel/Bienne - starts 3rd Feb
  114. I hate this health system!!!!
  115. Bloody wisdom teeth!
  116. Toddler Classes (Music, Dance, Gym, Swim, Yoga) around Nyon/Coppet/Versoix
  117. Privates schools/kindergarten
  118. Does anyone have bad allergies right now in Basel?
  119. SA Holiday & Malaria Tablets
  120. Swiss men weak, Swiss women strong, what's your take?
  121. Pls recommend an English speaking divorce lawyer in Zurich
  122. Garlic Breath
  123. Nursery in Zug: positive personal experiences
  124. Cute kids = Spoiled
  125. Baby Due July - Need Childcare options
  126. International School of Zug
  127. ENT doctor in Lausanne
  128. Mothers immunize your sons!
  129. Copd
  130. Nausea and fatigue
  131. Dreaming your frustrations...
  132. High German school near or in Geneva
  133. Hospital in Uster?
  134. Kindergarten in Neu Oerlikon
  135. Postpartum belt support
  136. Pregnancy benefits!?
  137. For children support fund program....
  138. English-speaking OB in Neuchatel
  139. 10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
  140. LOOK HERE FIRST for Childcare/Schooling / Family Info / Help Sites
  141. Need to find a family lawyer (Vevey)
  142. Looking for ski school near Basel
  143. Help. Need VBA2C friendly hospital and OB
  144. Injured and need an operation
  145. Acupuncturist specialising in fertility - Geneva/Nyon/Lausanne?
  146. Alimony from swiss man
  147. Seek for Pediatrician near Lausanne city center
  148. Does Swisscare basic insurance cover epidural cost?
  149. International Schools
  150. Waiting for baby passport - want to travel
  151. Married but living apart and meeting on weekends etc.
  152. Orthopedics in Zurich
  153. School - Vaud
  154. How long to wait for the bill?
  155. New Montessori bilingual school in Nyon and Rolle
  156. Hypnosis, your opinion?
  157. ISB and Residential areas
  158. Morges Hospital or CHUV?
  159. English speaking doctor in Zurich/Ruti
  160. A hypothetical question
  161. gynaecologist : lausanne
  162. High-schools in Lausanne: private vs public
  163. Questions on teacher's punishment
  164. breakfast for kids-what do you do?
  165. Neuchatel with young kids?
  166. Mother In-Law! How often is too much?
  167. Beware: Stokke Tripp Trapp High chair can tip over.
  168. Giving Birth in Bern Salem-Spital
  169. Looking for post receipt sent to ASSURA in recorded delivery (vaud)
  170. Opinion Required - Marie Curie French School
  171. Private swimming lessons
  172. The Babysitters Club
  173. Bottle feeding
  174. Bradley Method Birth Classes (VD region)??
  175. Giving birth in Neuchâtel
  176. Recommended Gynaecologist, Mannedorf near Zurich
  177. Where to buy Scandinavian children clothes
  178. Looking for ADHD Child Psychologist who speaks English
  179. Help w/ possible knee problm, pls...
  180. Advice pls- Dance & drawing class for toddlers (3-5 years) in Lausanne
  181. English-speaking GP in France (Saint Louis?)
  182. Having a child: do we have to renew our birth and marriage certificates?
  183. Anyone interested in sharing a nanny in Bulach Zurich area?
  184. Any experience with EFT?
  185. irregular heartbeats from my baby
  186. Basel pre-school education info evening
  187. Basel Mums
  188. home schooling
  189. Toxic relationship between kids and parents
  190. Propolis in Basel Health Food Shop?
  191. English-speaking doctors in Thun & Interlaken
  192. How much are Resyl drops?
  193. info Down Syndrome in Basel
  194. Recommendations - Books/DVDs - Pregnancy Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam
  195. Looking for a good Dermatologist near Langenthal, Burgdorf or Solothurn
  196. Eye Specialist - Basel
  197. Basel/[Baselland] local school advice (Allschwil Area)
  198. Baby clothing online shops?
  199. Experience with a birthing doula?
  200. Question for those with a Swiss spouse
  201. Any new(ish) or not-so-new moms near Solothurn?
  202. Epilepsy treatment
  203. Moving to Basel - Childcare options
  204. This year's flu - Damn...!
  205. Eyes surgery, who got it ?
  206. [Thread split] Financing tertiary education
  207. [Wanted]: English speaking Gynaecologist required for consultation
  208. Nurse
  209. Advice on alcoholism
  210. Eyeglasses -- why so expensive?
  211. After Birth help and tips
  212. At 5am today I became a great uncle...
  213. Struggling with in-laws
  214. schooling for 15 yo and 12 yo
  215. Breast Cancer
  216. [Keeping baby warm in snow] New Years hike up Rigi
  217. Baby Bouncer
  218. A good English speaker GP in Basel
  219. How to find an English teacher for children?
  220. What Anti-Acid Medicine Can You Get Over The Counter Here?
  221. The Dreaded B-Word: Bifocals
  222. pregnant in Erlenbach?!
  223. Sami Claus Photos in Zurich Area?
  224. Waiting for International School place, husband commuting back to UK
  225. question for girls, thin hair?
  226. Where to get contact lenses?
  227. Friends, Friendship, Death and Life
  228. Accounting qualification in English Zug/Zurich
  229. Please share your custody experience
  230. Know a good lawyer?
  231. Backward Step
  232. Lactaid equivalent
  233. Dental Treatments
  234. Looking for english or french speaking GP in Adliswil
  235. Any on line English-speaking mom groups?
  236. Nolstalgic things - where are they all mum?
  237. Pharmacy Tax for Medication?
  238. Bill without slip
  239. Difficulty settling toddler to sleep after night wakings
  240. Giving birth UK or Switzerland
  241. pregnant in Basel?
  242. Which maternity to choose in Zurich canton?
  243. playgroups or playgrounds in Oberrieden and/or Thalwil?
  244. English speaking lawyer
  245. English speaking lawyer
  246. Osteopath in Basel
  247. Down's Syndrome / Trisomy 21
  248. Bogus doctor invoice
  249. reflexologist in the baden area?
  250. Question about Divorce